Top 10 Richest Car YouTubers Right Now In 2023

Youtube is becoming one of the richest industries in the world. With the growing popularity of Youtube, the space has turned out to be a money bank for many popular YouTubers. From entertainment to sports to automotive, the industry is thriving on thousands of big creators. In this article, we are going o talk about automotive Youtubers and their increasing popularity. There are a plethora of auto journalists and other YouTubers in the space. But these are some of the biggest car creators in the world. From driving to some of the fastest, most expensive cars, these people have a garage worth millions. Here are the top 10 richest car YouTubers right now in 2023.

10. Mr JWW – $3 Million


James Walker also known as MrJWW is a popular British YouTuber. He has over 771k subs on his Youtube channel, which started in 2015. James is among the leading car YouTubers in the space with his multiple partnerships with Aston Martin and several others. Mr. JWW owns some of the craziest cars in his collection from a Porche 911 GT3 and a GT3 4.0 RS and a limited edition Mclaren 720S Velocity Edition and several Aston Martins. He also owns a sunglasses brand which he founded.

9. James Stradman – $3.5 Million


Stradman Insane is a professional YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers to date. His real name is James Neese and known as Sreadman Insane. He records videos of the most insane cars in the world and now owns some of the best vehicles in his garage. Stradman has an estimated net worth of $3.5 Million which is pretty impressive. He has a great car collection which includes SUVs and some best hypercars in the world. Stradman lost his father during the 6×6 Jeep Wrangler project to a heart attack. He has done an amazing job at YouTube and now the world knows him for his hard work.

8. Lord Aleem – $4 Million


Aleem Iqbal, also known as Lord Aleem is a social media influencer and a Youtuber. Aleem is a die-hard fan of expensive and has a car collection of some of the most luxurious cars. He has nearly 470k subscribers on Youtube and 700k followers on Instagram. He runs two car-hiring companies where he collects most of his income. Lord Aleem is among the richest car YouTubers right now and owned some of the craziest cars such as a Bugatti Chiron, Rolls-Royces, etc.

7. Doug Demuro – $10 Million


Douglas DeMuro is a businessman and American YouTuber born on 22nd May 1988 in Colorado, U.S. His ‘Doug DeMuro’ has over 4.2 million subscribers. Initially, he worked as s ‘vehicle allocation manager’ at Porsche in North America. Then he became an editor after working as a writer at In 2016, he started making car reviews on his YouTube channel. Doug’s estimated net worth is about $10 million and he owns some lavish cars like Ford GT, Mercedes-Benz G500 Cabriolet, Audi RS4 Avant, and many more.

6. Shmee-150 – $15 Million

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Okay, so I think it’s enough of old, super rare, and super expensive classic cars, If you’ve read the previous blog articles, then you might know what I’m talking about (oh if you don’t then I would seriously request you just check them out, they’re a very good read). I think it’s time for a fast and modern-day car, wouldn’t you agree? You’ve probably seen him in any supercar video on YouTube or Instagram maybe, or with any other motor journalist or car enthusiast. The name “Shmeemobile” is incredibly well known in the automotive world, immediately recognizable as the personal form of transportation across Europe. And you’ve probably seen his videos on YouTube. He has a channel on YouTube named “Shmee150“.

5. Supercar Blondie – $17 Million

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Supercar Blondie’s car collection is massive and worth millions of dollars. Alexandra Mary Hirschi popularly known as Supercar Blondie s a 35 years old Youtuber. Blondie is a very successful automotive vlogger with over 11 Million subscribers on YouTube and 35 Million followers on Facebook. Alexandra lives in the capital of supercars Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her net worth is around $17 Million which is pretty insane. Blondie has a lot of supercars which include the Lamborghini Huracan, Rolls Royce Wraith, Mclaren 720s, and much more.

4. Richard Rawing – $18 Million


As diehard fans of the tv show Fast N’ Loud. Many of us at Gas Monkey Garage fanatics expect a powerful car collection from Richard Rawlings. And believe me, his group would make you excited and feel blessed that you read this article. Coming from a history of NASCAR driving, Rawlings has a keen taste in power-packed cars. While many cars don’t stick around in his garage, His top cars from his amazing car garage include custom build Pontiacs, Mustangs, and Challengers.

3. Magnus Walker – $20 Million


British fashion designer Magnus Walker is also known for the massive classic Porsches he has in his collection. He owns 25 Porsches, most of which are the rare air-cooled Porsche 911s from the era. His collection worth over $8 million is among the biggest individual car garages of classic Porsches. Magnus earns from his fashion brand called Serious and is also among the richest car YouTubers right now in 2023.

2. Salomondrin – $25 Million

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Salomandrin is among the most popular car Youtubers with over 1.5 million subs on his channel. Alejandro Salomon is a Mexican-American entrepreneur and Youtuber. His car garage is worth a million including some of the crazy fast machines. His cars include Mercedes-AMG GT-R, Porsche Carrera GT, Mclaren, and many more.

1. Jay Leno – $450 Million

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There are many car collectors around the world, but he is among the most popular ones. Jay Leno comes when you know collectors and then comes him. The American Youtube star and comedian has over 3.7 million subscribers on his channel. Jay’s garage has more than a whopping 180 cars and 160 motorcycles. He earns over $15 million and has a net worth of over $450 million making him among the richest car YouTubers right now.

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