Top 10 Unreliable American Luxury Cars You Should Avoid In 2023

Unreliable American Luxury Cars You Should Avoid

American luxury cars have improved throughout the years with improved driving abilities and impressive reliability. These cars come from the most prominent brands and have been popular among both regular buyers and celebrities. Like European cars, American cars offer a sense of complete driving and deliver incredible performance. From their elegant design to the lavish cabin, these cars offer a delightful driving experience. But like every automaker has its bad models, these American luxury cars also among them offering unreliable performance. Automakers have recalled these models due to various engine and transmission issues. Let’s look at the 10 most unreliable American luxury cars that you should avoid buying.

10 Unreliable American Luxury Cars You Should AvoidPrice (USD)
Cadillac DeVille$5,000
Lincoln LS$6,900
Chrysler Sebring$21,000
Cadillac XT5$26,700
Lincoln Corsair$43,075
Cadillac CTS$52,695
Ford Mustang Mach-e$53,495
Lincoln Aviator$60,400
Cadillac Escalade$108,990
Tesla Model X$140,000
Unreliable American Luxury Cars You Should Avoid

10. Cadillac DeVille – $5,000

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Starting with the Cadillac Deville, a car that gathered several hearts with its luxury performance and distinct ride. The DeVille is among the best American cars of all time with its large wheelbase, posh cabin, and luxury driving. The DeVille was so popular that people happily agreed to wait on the long waiting list. The Caddie packed a gorgeous design and a massive engine which resulted in a smooth performance. But a powerful engine resulted in various overheating and durability issues that made it among the unreliable American luxury cars.

9. Lincoln LS – $6,900


Whether be the classic 2000s Hollywood movies or the luxury market, the Lincoln LS has been the go-to car for every buyer. The LS came with a powerful 3.9L V8 engine that made 280 horsepower paired with a 5-speed transmission and rear-wheel drive. The sedan offered a supreme luxury experience and offered a great ride. The LS’ inefficient engine that several overheating issues made it a hard sell among enthusiasts. Also read: Top 10 Best American SUVs For Road Trips In 2023

8. Chrysler Sebring – $21,000


The Chrysler Sebring was in production from 1995 to 2010 and has been among the most unreliable American luxury cars to avoid. The Sebring offered a powerful turbocharged engine that offered a jam-packed performance. Much like the Lincoln LS, the Sebring also met with engine reliability issues and several overheating problems that made it among the most unreliable cars for everybody to avoid.

7. Cadillac XT5 – $26,700


The Cadillac XT5 offers luxury driving with its posh interior and sleek design. The XT5 is like a mini Escalade and offered a capable set of turbocharged four-cylinder or V6 engines that made 310 hp. The XT5 overall came as a bad product delivering an unreliable performance with its transmission issues. The SUV delivered a capable ride with decent performance but failed to impress buyers with its below-average ride quality.

6. Lincoln Corsair – $43,075


Next comes the Lincoln Corsair with its appealing design and jam-packed performance. The SUV sports a powerful set of turbocharged four-cylinder with or without a hybrid system making 266 horsepower. The Corsair offers a feature-rich spacious cabin with advanced and comfortable seating. The 2023 Lincoln Corsair provides a decent driving experience but offered poor overall reliability making it among the most unreliable American luxury cars.

5. Cadillac CTS – $52,695


Next comes the Cadillac CTS which is among the best and most athletic sedans anybody could enjoy. The Caddie came with a sleek modern design, and a sporty interior and offers a thrilling performance. The CTS packs a capable set of powerful four and six-cylinder engines that produced 420 horsepower. The sedan delivered agile driving filled with an unlimited amount of fun. But like most Caddies, the CTS also met with various power issues that made it an unreliable machine. Also read: Top 10 Best American Sports Cars You Should Buy In 2023

4. Ford Mustang Mach-E – $53,495


EVs are still new to the space no matter how bleeding-edge tech they offer, there are still various issues with most new electric cars. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is among them with its technology and charging problems. Not all Mach-E electric cars offer, but there have been unreliable models. Apart from that, the EV features a sleek design, and a nicely-appointed cabin and delivers an excellent riding experience The 2023 Mach-E provides playful ride handling paired with good comfort and agility. The EV is perfect with high-build and sporty driving, agility, and comfort and offers a driving range of 300 miles.

3. Lincoln Aviator – $60,400


Next comes the Lincoln Aviator with its muscular design and luxurious driving experience. The new Aviator packs a powerful 3.0L EcoBoost hybrid V6 engine that makes 500 hp and 630 lb-ft of torque. The Aviator GT offers an electric driving range of 15 miles with its 13.6 kWh battery. The SUV features a luxurious interior matched with a powerful torque delivery which makes it a great car for any needs. But like all Lincoln SUVs, the Aviator also met with various reliability problems that made it an unworthy buy.

2. Cadillac Escalade – $108,990


The buyer’s favorite Cadillac Escalade offers one of the most luxurious SUVs to buy with its lavish design and stunning performance. The Escalade offers an incredibly high-build body with a sleek design and offers a magnificent driving experience. The Caddie packs a powerful Hemi V8 engine that makes up to 629 hp of power with standard AWD. The SUV comes loaded with a high-build design and a posh cabin with advanced tech features and a plethora of driver assistance features. That doesn’t change the fact that the Escalade had various transmission problems that didn’t justify its six-figure price tag.

1. Tesla Model X – $140,000


With a practical design, great power dynamics, and cool wing doors, the 2023 Tesla Model X is the most awesome electric car one can buy. The Model X features a cool futuristic design that offers a minimal posh cabin and offers incredible driving. The Model X offers a tri-motor setup making an outrageous 1,020 hp and delivers a brutal acceleration from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. But the car’s unreliable braking and autonomous driving make it among the most unreliable American luxury cars to avoid. Also read: Top 10 Safest Electric Cars With Best Safety Ratings In 2023

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