Top 5 Most Affordable Hybrid SUVs In India In 2023

A list of Top 5 Most Affordable Hybrid SUVs In India In 2023

Here’s a list of the top 5 most affordable hybrid SUVs in India for 2023, encompassing diverse body styles. In the evolving landscape of automotive technology, some manufacturers embrace hybrid options. Notably, Toyota, Maruti, and Honda lead this shift, demonstrating reasonable consumer interest. Strong-hybrid models constitute a notable quarter of select vehicle sales. This pragmatic approach bridges EV inconvenience with impressive fuel efficiency, a customer priority.

1. Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder

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The Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder is a versatile gem. With claimed efficiency at 27.97kpl, its hybrid powertrain delivers seamless performance. This model shines in practicality, effortlessly shifting to pure EV mode when battery charged. While not a sporty choice, its focus lies elsewhere. Experience comfort in its plush interior, balanced ride, and handling. The enticing starting price and Toyota’s renowned reputation seal the deal for the Urban Cruiser Hyryder, a standout in affordable hybrid SUVs.

2. Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara

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The Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is the Hyryder’s brother and shares most of it components. It shares strengths with its predecessor, having an excellent stated efficiency of 27.97kpl. Notably, this model achieves above 20kpl in both urban and highway environments. While more expensive, the Grand Vitara has better equipment from the basic trim on up. Both variations have identical top-tier specifications, with just design and branding differences. As with the Hyryder, limited hybrid boot capacity is a trade-off. The Grand Vitara is yet another attractive option among inexpensive hybrid SUVs.

3. Honda City Hybrid

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Introducing the Honda City Hybrid is a pioneering hybrid tech vehicle. Priced between Rs 18.99 lakh and Rs 20.49 lakh, it offers a claimed efficiency of 23.13kpl. While not as value-driven as some SUVs, its efficiency matches them. Unlike the Grand Vitara and Hyryder, the City Hybrid doesn’t allow manual switching between hybrid and EV modes. Instead, it employs an automatic system that seamlessly transitions between full EV, hybrid, and engine modes. With spirited performance and dynamic handling, the City Hybrid stands out. This model combines efficiency, comfort, and innovation, making it a notable contender among affordable hybrid SUVs.

4. Maruti Suzuki Invicto

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The Maruti Suzuki Invicto is a premium offering priced from Rs 24.79 lakh to Rs 28.42 lakh. With a claimed efficiency of 23.24kpl, this MPV incorporates hybrid technology borrowed from Toyota. As Maruti’s most expensive product yet, the Invicto prioritizes practicality and comfort, excelling at its primary role of passenger transport. Similar to the Grand Vitara-Hyryder duo, the Invicto allows electric mode start-up and offers full EV mode for light driving, achieving a combined efficiency of around 15kpl. While not built for haste, the Invicto presents a serene and efficient travel option, emphasizing Maruti’s commitment to hybrid innovation in the realm of affordable SUVs.

5. Toyota Innova Hycross

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The Toyota Innova Hycross is priced between Rs 25.30 lakh and Rs 30.26 lakh. The Hycross is distinguished by its distinct style and badging, and it has distinctive amenities like as ADAS and ottoman seats, which contribute to its somewhat higher price. While providing acceptable performance and a consistent power delivery, the engine may feel strained during hard acceleration. Despite this, the Hycross remains a spacious, well-equipped, and economical MPV. It should be noted that its ride quality, while impressive, may fall short of the Invicto due to the use of bigger rims. The Toyota Innova Hycross is an Affordable hybrid SUV that combines innovation, comfort, and efficiency.

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