Top 8 EV Charging Stations Manufacturers in India In 2023

Best EV Charging Stations Manufacturers In India

India is focusing on developing the electric vehicle market for economic, environmental, carbon neutral and sustainable reasons. The EV strategy is focused on driving growth, clarifying vehicle range and improving Electric Vehicle charging Stations. Some of the major EV charging station providers in India are Tata Power, Magenta Mobility, Fortum Charge & Drive India, Volttic EV Charging Solution, Ather Grid, PLUG N GO, Amara Raja and Exicom Energy Systems. In this article we’re going to see the best charging station manufacturers of India. So let’s have a look.

Company NameLocations
Tata PowerMumbai
Magenta MobilityNavi Mumbai
Fortum Charge & Drive IndiaHaryana
Volttic EV Charging SolutionsUttar Pradesh
Ather GridBanglore
Plug N GoUttar Pradesh
Amara RajaHyderabad
Exicom Energy SystemHaryana

1. Tata Power

 Tata Power
Tata Power

Tata Power’s charging infrastructure solutions are deployed in 100 cities including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. It has about 500 charging outlets and aims to build an electric vehicle charging infrastructure of more than 700 charging stations across the country by December 2021. The company will install electric vehicle charging stations at points sales outlets of the state-owned Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) in cities and on highways. The Tata Power EZ Charge mobile app can locate EV charging stations within the Tata Power EV charging network, easily charge EVs and make online payments for charging sessions. A Tata Power EV charging station franchise requires 1000-1500 square feet of land along with valid personal documents including Aadhar card, PAN card, voter card, ration card, electricity bill, a bank account with passbook, photo, email ID, phone number and other required documents.

2. Magenta Mobility

Magenta Mobility

Magenta Mobility is constructing the country’s largest electric vehicle charging station in Navi Mumbai, aiming to provide 4,000 charging facilities by March 2022. The company provides comprehensive installation and technical consultancy, operation and maintenance, hardware and software for electric vehicle charging solutions. The Magenta ChargeGrid app is India’s first fully automated network providing information on nearest charging stations, payment gateway options and 24/7 support. The company covers more than 50 charging stations in more than 8 cities in India. Magenta Charge Grid franchise standards are not disclosed.

3. Fortum India

Fortum India
Fortum India

Fortum India is a pioneer in electric vehicle charging infrastructure with more than 6,000 smart charging stations in the Nordics and nearly 90,000 end customers. The company provides smart solutions that support electric vehicles. Fortum Charge & Drive has implemented the first 50kW fast charging station in the MG Motor Gurugram showroom for all CCS/CHAdeMo compliant cars. The company has developed a cloud-based SaaS solution called Fortum charge and drive that allows consumers to locate chargers, manage payments, connect and configure chargers, provide remote monitoring and fleet management.

4. Volttic


Volttic offers all types of EV charging solutions for home charging and commercial charging. The company operates over 200 charging points equipped with AC and DC chargers in India and plans to deploy over 12,000 charging points by 2025. Volttic is an electric vehicle charging solution provider with a backend monitoring system cloud-based and also provides installation and maintenance facilities. The company operates in cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Bengaluru.

5. Ather Grid 

The Ather Grid network consists of high-speed charging stations that can provide up to 15 kilometers of range per minute of charge. The charging station is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen that provides information on charging status, remaining time and cost. Users can pay for charging sessions through the Ather Grid app, which also allows them to locate nearby charging stations and track their charging history.

The Ather Grid network is growing rapidly with new charging stations being added to the network every month. Ather is also cooperating with other companies to set up charging stations in shopping malls, restaurants, airports and other public places to make electric vehicle charging more convenient for users. With the Ather Grid, EV owners can enjoy the freedom to travel long distances without worrying about running out of battery.


Plug N Go is a Uttar Pradesh-based company that offers a range of electric vehicle charging solutions including AC, DC and Fast DC charging stations. The company provides end-to-end solutions, including installation, commissioning and maintenance of charging infrastructure. They also have an app called Plug N Go EV that provides information about nearby charging stations, charging status, and payment options. Plug N Go offers a franchise opportunity for individuals and businesses interested in building electric vehicle charging stations. Franchise fees are around Rs. 300,000, and the company provides support in site selection, installation and marketing.

7. Amara Raja

Amara Raja, a Hyderabad-based company that offers a wide range of products and services. It includes automotive batteries, power solutions and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The company has rolled out electric vehicle charging stations in Hyderabad, Tirupati and other cities in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Amara Raja’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure solutions include AC and DC fast charging stations and battery swapping stations. The company also provides a range of services, including the installation, maintenance and operation of charging infrastructure.

8. Exicom Energy Systems

Exicom Energy Systems is a Gurgaon-based company that offers a range of products and services. It includes electric vehicle charging infrastructure, battery management systems and energy storage solutions. The company has rolled out electric vehicle charging stations in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other Indian cities. Exicom’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure solutions include AC and DC fast charging stations and battery swapping stations. The company also provides a range of services, including the installation, maintenance and operation of charging infrastructure.


The growth of the electric vehicle market in India is driving the demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The aforementioned companies are one of the leading EV charging solution providers in India, offering a range of products and services to meet the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure.

As the EV market continues to grow, we can expect to see more companies enter the market and come up with innovative solutions to address EV charging infrastructure challenges. The future looks bright for the electric vehicle market in India and it is exciting to see the development of this nascent industry.

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