Toyota Mirai Is A Cool Hydrogen-Powered Car

The Toyota Mirai is a mid-size sedan that stands out as one of the most eco-friendly vehicles in the world. It achieves this by producing electricity using hydrogen and oxygen through a hydrogen fuel cell that emits only water as a byproduct. Launched by Toyota in Japan in 2014, the Mirai has succeeded in select markets, including the US, Europe, and Australia.


How the Mirai Works

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The Mirai features a fuel cell stack beneath the front seat where hydrogen from tanks and oxygen from the environment are combined in 370 cells, each producing electricity. This power is then sent to an electric motor installed on the rear axle. Additionally, the Mirai includes a nickel-metal hydride battery that generates energy from braking. Refuelling the Mirai takes just 3 minutes, providing a range of approximately 550 Km on a full tank.

Key Advantages

The Toyota Mirai offers several advantages that set it apart from conventional vehicles and battery-electric vehicles:

  1. Zero Emission: The Mirai emits only water as emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  2. High Efficiency: With a fuel cell efficiency of 60%, the Mirai generates more energy from hydrogen than an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. It boasts a 25% higher efficiency than traditional ICE engines.
  3. Long Range: The Mirai offers a longer range compared to many battery-electric vehicles, typically providing 300 to 400 Km on a full tank.
  4. Quick Refueling: Refueling the Mirai takes only a few minutes, eliminating the need for lengthy charging periods associated with battery-electric vehicles.

Some Drawbacks

Despite its impressive features, the Toyota Mirai does have some drawbacks:

  1. High Cost: The Mirai is relatively more expensive to purchase and maintain than conventional electric vehicles or ICE engine vehicles, primarily due to its advanced technology and the limited availability of materials.
  2. Safety Concerns: Some individuals may have safety concerns related to driving a vehicle with high-pressure stored hydrogen gas. Nevertheless, Toyota prioritizes safety measures to mitigate potential risks associated with the Mirai.

The Toyota Mirai represents an innovative and environmentally conscious approach to transportation, offering a zero-emission, long-range alternative to traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles.

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