TVR Electric Sedan And SUV to Debut in 2024


TVR Electric Sedan And SUV are from the British sports car manufacturer, which is set to return in 2024. After a long road full of challenges, the brand’s comeback has been on and off ever since Les Edgar took over. A V8 prototype was revealed back in 2017, which was made possible by the partnership with Gordon Murray and Cosworth. And finally, the sports car has been confirmed to hit production, along with an electric version too. While the English marque is renowned globally as a specialized sports car maker, an electric sedan and SUV will follow the launch too. (Source: Motor1)

What’s New?

According to an exclusive report by Autocar UK, which noted: “there isn’t a specific timeline for both vehicles at this time.” Also, Edgar told Autocar “Crucially, though, we now have the right investment and the right route to building a sustainable future with a family of electric vehicles, which is where Daniel Layton comes in. We are ready to start work on the manufacturing site and build towards a 2024 launch,”

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The TVR EV sports car confirmation was possible for Daniel Layton chairman of Ensorcia Group. Of note, TVR and Ensorcia Metals reached an agreement in mid-November 2021. Making the car confirmed in April 2022. The Griffith V8 sports car will debut before the EV will share the same Murray-designed platform. The prototype sports a 5.0L Coyote engine with 493 hp powering the rear wheels through a six-speed manual. TVR is also in talks with a “highly established, world-leading” partner for a skateboard platform for its future models.

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