Ukraine President Zelensky Escapes A Fatal Car Crash

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky was involved in a fatal car crash yesterday. His spokesperson confirmed the President escaped the car crash with “no serious injuries.” A vehicle crashed into President’s motorcade as it was passing through Kyiv. Authorities have started the investigation which is now on its way.

“In Kyiv, a passenger vehicle collided with the President of Ukraine’s car and escort vehicles,” a spokesman stated. The medical response team accompaning President Zelensky with necessary medical help. An ambulance took the driver of the vehicle that collided with the motorcade crashing the car. Both are under medical supervision, spokesperson Sergiy Nikiforov added.



The doctor said no serious injuries were detected after examining President Zelensky. The law enforcement authorities are investigating the car crash and have full control over the situation to find the cause. President visited Izyum which the Ukrainian army recaptured from Russian soldiers. The car crash occurred some hours after Zelensky came back from the recaptured city.


New photos of President Zelensky are emerging for the first time months after he left Kyiv. He left with his hand on his heart while the Ukrainian flag flew over the reclaimed city. The Ukrainian army has reclaimed its territory in the northeastern Kharkiv region last week. President thanked all the soldiers and sang the national anthem with them. The Ukrainian army is moving towards one direction and that is victory, Zelensky said. Ukraine has secured over 8,000 sq km of territory in the Kharkiv region till now according to Skynews.

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