Upcoming Compact SUVs Launching Soon in India in 2024

These are the 4 upcoming compact SUVs that are launching soon in India in 2024

The sub-4-meter SUV segment in India is a battleground for automakers that are going all-in to increase their market share. 2024 promises to be a year of high octane action with several new contenders jostling for position. From the established brands such as Mahindra & Mahindra, Toyota, etc to the newly entered Kia Motors, all are eyeing for this segment. Here are the 4 upcoming compact SUVs that are launching soon in India in 2024. Let’s dive in.

1. Toyota Taisor:

Upcoming Compact SUVs Launching Soon in India in 2024
Source: Autocar India

The highly anticipated Toyota Taisor is essentially a rebranded version of the Maruti Suzuki Fronx, expected to arrive in the coming months. While the basic platform and powertrains (1.2L NA petrol and 1.0L turbo petrol) remain the same with subtle modifications to the exterior and interior will create a distinct Toyota identity. Features and transmission options will likely mirror the Fronx, offering potential buyers a familiar yet slightly differentiated choice.

2. Kia Clavis:

Upcoming Compact SUVs Launching Soon in India in 2024
Source: Kia

Kia is also riding the wave of Sonet success and is prepping to launch the Clavis later this year, with sales kicking off in early 2025. Positioned above the Sonet, this new compact SUV boasts a bold, lifestyle off-roader-inspired design that promises a more spacious and versatile interior. The Clavis might be offered in a variety of powertrains, including electric, petrol, and hybrid, catering to diverse customer preferences. Its global unveiling in India signifies Kia’s ambitious plans to capture a significant share of the premium compact SUV segment.

3. Mahindra XUV300 Facelift and XUV300 EV:

Source: Mashable India

Mahindra is a key player in this segment and is set to unleash a double whammy with the XUV300. First up, within the next few months you should expect a comprehensive facelift for the popular SUV. We anticipate significant cosmetic and interior upgrades keeping the XUV300 fresh and competitive. The proven 1.2L petrol and 1.5L diesel engines will likely continue but an exciting addition might be a new automatic transmission option has also been spotted during testing.

But the real game-changer could be the XUV300 EV is slated for a second-half 2024 launch. Positioned below the XUV400, it will take aim at the entry-level Tata Nexon EV. Expect a driving range exceeding 350 km on a single charge making it a compelling option for eco-conscious urbanites. This electric iteration could redefine the segment.


While these three contenders promise to grab the spotlight, other potential entrants could further stir the pot. Rumors suggest Nissan is considering introducing the Magnite facelift, while Citroen might finally launch the C3 in its compact SUV avatar. Additionally, Hyundai is keeping tight-lipped about its plans for the Casper micro-SUV, which could find its way to India.

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