Where are the Most Popular Cars Manufactured Today?

The car industry in the UK is in excellent health, with around forty million vehicles on public roads. Around eighty per cent of these are cars – despite a substantial uptick in van traffic over the last few decades.

The modern motorist has an enviable selection of vehicles to choose from. Most, however, tend to gravitate toward a handful of enormously-popular models.


The most popular cars in the UK

Let’s take a look at some of these, and what makes them so popular.


Being one of the major German manufacturers, BMW commands a certain prestige among most motorists. They’re known for exceptional vehicles, and they’re in high demand among the executive classes. You don’t have to spend big to get one; a used BMW 3 series represents excellent value, if you can find the right one.


Mercedes is usually put into the same category as BMW: they make fairly expensive cars to appeal to those looking for quality. If you’re putting in long hours driving from one meeting to the next, then a Mercedes might make a worthy investment. The A-class has, in recent years, been the company’s most popular model – though this might point more than anything to a wider contraction in this corner of the market.


Rounding out our trio of beloved German luxury car names is Audi. This manufacturer has been quicker than most to make strides into the battery electric space; as such, the e-Tron has been able to establish a foothold among those who want a combination of luxury and performance.


Vauxhall’s Corsa has recently become the most popular new car in the country. It’s easy to see why: the vehicle offers an enviable combination of features, and it’s cheap to run, too. Perhaps most tantalisingly, it comes at an extremely reasonable price.


The announcement of the Ford Fiesta’s discontinuation marked the end of an era for many. With that said, it wasn’t an altogether surprising development: the Fiesta has had a long tenure, and has largely been succeeded by other superminis and compact SUVs. Despite this, it remains the most popular car on British roads, with more than a million models out there.


The name of this manufacturer comes from the German for ‘People’s Car’, and it’s proven popular with the people of the United Kingdom over the years. The Golf and the Polo emphasise quality at the lower end of the market, and they’ve successfully established themselves among the country’s favourites.


A Japanese manufacturer with a reputation for pioneering technology, Toyota’s Yaris and Corolla have proven extremely popular in recent years, alongside the original hybrid, the Prius. For motorists looking for a more economical drive.

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