World’s First Solar EV, the Sono Sion Gets Over 20,000 Reservations

We all are aware of the argument against the battery-powered vehicle being the source of power. Many say hydrogen power is the future or solar, and a new electric startup might want the answer. Sono Motors, a startup based in Munich, Germany might have the right solution for the future of electric vehicles. The Sono Sion, introduced in 2017 became the world’s first solar-powered electric vehicle. The company reported that they have received over 20,000 reservations as of September 1, 2022. For a downpayment of over $1,990, you can book your Sion from whenever it gets launched.


When Will It Come Out?

Sono Motors said their latest Sion will cost around $25,000 or 25,126 Euros. The company expects to become the world’s first Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV) for mass people. The production of the upcoming Sion by the third quarter of 2023. Sono will partner with a Finland-based company Valmet Automotive to build ke over 257,000 Sions in seven years.


The new Sono Sion will have every surface of its body part from the roof, hood, fenders, and other parts equipped with solar panels. Except for the front-end that doesn’t come with solar cells, as Sono thinks it is likely to be in an accident and easily replaceable. Unlike Genesis’s electric car which offers a solar roof, the Sono Sion will come with a solar body.

Battery & Range

The Sion packs over 456 solar cells that could deliver over 70 miles of electric driving range. As the car is equipped with solar cells, the range would double in the areas where the sun comes more often. The upcoming Sion comes with a 54-kWh battery capacity to deliver over 190 miles according to WLTP. The car supports fast charging but is capped at over 75 kW as the Sion comes with bi-directional charging. The bi-directional charging enables the car to work as a mobile power station and can charge other cars up to 2.7-kW.

Exterior & Interior

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  • sono-sion-front-side-photo
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  • sono-sion-side-photo
  • sono-sion-rear-photo
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  • sono-sion-prototype-fromt-the-plant

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