Top 10 Best Rear Wheel Drive RWD Sedans In 2023

In a market where SUV demands are increasing every day, the sedans provide a good charm with their rich design and pleasurable driving. Sedans fulfill almost every kind of need thanks to their neatly designed body, spacious cabin, big cargo space, and playful steering. In addition to that, they offer a great sense of driving and offer impressive numbers on fuel. Thanks to their rear-wheel drive (which only a few offer), these cars offer impressive fuel economy compared to their AWD counterparts. They deliver more thrill than AWD-powered cars and give better driving control. And who doesn’t loves donuts (if you know what I mean)? Let’s dig in and find out the best sedans for you while you sit in the comfort of your house. These are the 10 best 2023 sedans with rear-wheel drive that you should buy in 2023.

10. Dodge Charger


The 2023 Dodge Charger is one of the muscle cars meant to roar and disturb the entire neighborhood between streetlights. This top dog has been off its leash for plenty of years now. After more than a decade, the Charger comes with a rear-wheel drive system and is offered in a 292-hp V6, to the most powerful Hellcat variants. You can choose between all variants according to your appetite to go as wild as you can go. Whether it’s the demeanor looks or the madness burst of power makes it among the best sedans you should buy in 2023.

9. Chrysler 300


The 2023 Chrysler 300 is just like whiskey, denim, cheese, and leather which gets better with age. But the Chrysler 300 is simply going into obscurity. The standard engine is a V6 with paired with an eight-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive. The gas-thirsty V8 is optional giving the 300 slightly more muscular appeal. The cabin is comfortable and spacious and offers a good cargo space that easily manages to fit most anything. But like leather and old things, there are always better options in the market which applies to the 300.

8. Infinity Q60


Next comes the Infiniti Q60 with its beautiful design and impressive driving that takes off the charm of many cars, It offers a powerful twin-turbo V6 engine that makes 300 horsepower paired with an automatic gearbox and rear-wheel drive. The Q60 performance surprisingly well with its reliable engine and comfortable performance that makes it stand off from the competition.

7. Genesis G70


The Genesis G70 is based on the premium segment to take on German rivals like the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The G70 starts just under $40k and at that price the G70 is a compelling sedan. It is sportier, quick, luxurious, and fast and ticks all the boxes of a perfect sedan. The G70 features a smooth and gorgeous-looking design mated with a luxury interior and a powerful engine. It offers a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that makes 365 hp and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds. The well-packaged deal makes it one of the best rear-wheel sedans to buy in 2023.

6. BMW 3-Series


The 2023 BMW 3-Series is the best and a well-suited car for any kind of buyer regardless of their driving style. It is considered one of the best rear-wheel drive sedans one could ever buy in 2023. The 3-Series offers a pristine look with a sensual appeal that wears a luxury and spacious cabin and offers incredible driving comfort. The car offers a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that is refined and makes up to 382 hp of power depending on the model. Paired with a swift automatic gearbox, the 3-Series delivers smooth and pleasurable driving with enough power to handle any kind of daily task.

5. Jaguar XF


The Jaguar XF is the only four-door sedan experience from the British automaker where it offers striking looks accompanied by its decently powerful performance. The Jaguar offers a 296 hp turbo four inside which results in a comfortable ride and an upper-class driving experience with plenty of power delivery, with a feature-rich and luxury cabin. The new XF isn’t that quick and refined unlike its six-cylinder German rivals such as the BMW 5 Series and the Audi A6 but delivers the level of premium package and thrill quite graciously.

4. Lexus ES


The 2023 Lexus ES delivers a silent, comfortable form of luxury that appeals to many as the word luxury means different things to different people. Although on paper, it gives tough competition to premium sports sedans such as the Audi A6 and the Mercedes-Benz E-class. The ES forgoes the athleticism of its rivals and focuses to become an effortless cruiser with a pleasant, well-designed interior. The base model is equipped with a four-pot engine and all-wheel drive, but a more powerful V6 is optional. The powertrains don’t matter, as the ES is a smooth operator and offers a rich interior and a comfortable drive.

3. BMW 5-Series


This is the car for anybody who wants to enjoy pleasure and comfort from the rear. Although the BMW 5 Series isn’t the enthusiastic car one is looking for, one might consider it because of its roomier and luxurious cabin inside with loads of options to choose from. It offers a multi-powertrain option from a good fuel economy turbo four up to the growling twin-turbocharged V8 making your road trips and highway cruising much silkier and which aren’t given by its rivals.

2. Mercedes-Benz E-Class


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class isn’t as punchier as its AMG-tuned variant E53 roaring 429 hp. Its interior is luxurious and boasts all the tech you could need from this Merc. The E-Class offers a 4-Cylinder turbocharged engine and a turbo-six. The E-Class comes in different body styles so buyers don’t miss out on anything. It is available in sedan, coupe, and cabriolet versions that look more appealing than the competition. The E-Class offers an engaging automatic transmission paired with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive with its 4Matic system.

1. Porsche Panamera


The Porsche Panamera offers the brand’s signature athletic driving packed in a beautifully well-built four-door design body. The Panamera hits that same level of encouraging driving with lots of comforts provided by its spacious cabin catered for all four passengers. Offered in different flavors ranging from the base twin-turbo V6 to thrilling turbocharged V8, the Panamera also offers a plug-in hybrid variant. The gorgeous design combined with impressive specs results in one of the most thrilling rides you could ever imagine from a four-door Porsche. All that performance, thrilling driving, and great practicality make the Panamera one of the best rear-wheel drive sedans you can buy in 2023.

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