10 European Car Features We’d Love To See In US Cars

American cars have become incredible throughout the years but it still lacks some of the features that will only improve them. Here are the top 10 European car features we’d love to see in American cars.


With an alluring and handsome design, European cars have carried forward a design language since their debut after World War II. European carmakers make some of the finest and most beautiful and high-performance cars we know today. On the other hand, American carmakers were only starting to make good designs and great engines. The cars had a great-looking exterior and had thrilling performance but they were bulky and packed massive engines compared to their European rivals. For a few decades, American cars have improved their cars in a lot of ways, but there are still some ways European cars are still present more appealing. Here are the 10 European car features we’d love to see in American cars.

10. Crystal Clear Headlights Lenses

2010 Audi R8 Headlights

No matter how much you argue about the American cars, European cars have clearer headlights which reveal the headlamps and the turn indicators. They look cleaner and look more appealing visually. The American cars look good but don’t have that tidy-looking headlight lens compared to the cars in Europe.

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9. Bespoke Esthetic Interior

Bentley Bentayga Mulliner Interior

Most American cars come with just an average-looking interior, whereas European cars are known for their well-built and stitched interior. Many carmakers such as Porsche and Bentley offer a customizable more luxurious interior. They feature multiple options to choose the centrepiece and interior styling. Customers can choose between analog dials, temperature dials, a compass, or a chronometer. The offered cabin and dashboard look more agronomic-friendly than just a centre screen which many American brands offer today.

8. Luxury Gift Accessories

Bentley Bentayga Mulliner Rear

Most luxury car brands like Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Land Rover are known for their luxury bolstered interiors stitched with fine materials. But apart from that these carmakers also provide unique gift hampers according to the vehicle to their top-end trims which are often the most expensive models of their portfolio. For example, Bentley with its top Mulliner Edition of the Bentayga offers a luxury gift hamper in collaboration with “Linley” which is a popular British design company. It consists of various fine glassware collections, crockery and cutlery. This important attention to detail isn’t seen in American cars

7. Custom Champagne Chest

Rolls-Royce Custom Champagne Chest

Brands like Rolls-Royce are considered one of the most luxurious automotive brands in the world. The attention to detail on their cars is so precise and so much manually done that these cars last for decades. The amount custom accessories kits that this British carmaker offers just doesn’t end. Of all the works of art that these cars come with, one of them is the custom amenity kit. The Rolls-Royce Phantom for example offers a champagne chest that offers over $50,000. Money just doesn’t stop flowing if you have a Rolls right? Well, this champagne chest has a unique design and a room for your champagne set ofcourse and other caviars. It converts into a serving tray, and a lot more.

6. BMW’s Brake Drying Tech

BMW’s Brake Drying Feature

I bet these features will not be present in any other car you have right now. BMW has a unique “Brake Drying” feature that works with the car’s rain sensor to improve braking ability in rainy conditions. The dynamics of this system work very well actually. The brake pads move closer to the aluminium rotors so that excess water is removed from them and the brake performs properly in wet conditions. As cool as it may seem, it works flawlessly and has prevented many accidents. More companies should also equip their cars with this tech.  

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5. Targa Roof

Porsche 911 Targa

No matter what you think about this, the Porsche 911 Targa is one of the best cars on the market right now. It is a distinct blend of a coupe and a convertible. The rear glass roof unfolds and folds electronically in just 19 seconds, it meets the perfect proportions of having a fun car with the option of having a hardtop roof above when the joy is over. Other carmakers should also have this feature in their cars so that people could get a lot of joy out of their cars. 

4. Built-In Umbrella

Rolls-Royce Built-InUmbrella

From the Skoda to expensive Rolls-Royce, all offer a feature which is very rare with is very useful. These carmakers use a good space in their door bins for a built-in umbrella, either they offer one or they have the space reserved for them. The more money you spend on your car, the more prestige you get. This feature is very small but some give attention to it, and some don’t. But it would be really appreciated if carmakers offer a set of umbrellas in their car’s door pockets. 

3. Activity Keys

Land Rover Activity Keys

Brands like Land Rover are far ahead with their unique innovation in “activity keys” they offer with their cars. The latest one is simply a leap forward in terms of that. The activity key is basically a waterproof smart wristband that works like your car keys and prevents you from entering your car if you lost your keys somehow. Owners of Land Rovers can have fun without worrying about their keys getting stolen from where they have to hide them.

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2. Car Shaped Keys

Porsche Car Keys

Let’s face it, car keys have changed significantly over the span of many years. Many companies have done a remarkable job in innovating the perfect keys for their car. Porsche, one of those brands offers a car key that represents the car’s design with the actual curves and profile. They even offer colour-matched keys that match your car. It works both digitally and in analog depending on how you want to use it. American carmaker Tesla also does a similar thing with their car keys, which says brands should more often experiment and provide these small but good features with their cars. 

1. Exterior Side Gear Mounts

LandRover Defender Exterior Side Accessory Mount
LandRover Defender Exterior Side Accessory Mount

For the love of offroading, there are many options in the market from small to full-size SUVs that can take your breath away from their capabilities. While some manufacturers offer a really capable and advanced car for the adventure, they tend to only offer that. People spend thousands of dollars to build a perfect off-road machine with every nifty thing they wanted to carry with them. Land Rover with its top-notch abilities pushes the game further with its Defender. A car that had a really long history of being one of the best off-road machines in the market is becu9of the array of accessories they offer with their car to extend your fun. One of them is the side-mounted gear carrier. It is a box which keeps the muddy dirt and water from getting inside your gear and ruining them and making your weekend even more enjoyable than it was. 


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