10 Great European Cars that Failed To Impress United States Car Market


The United States is a very unpredictable market for selling cars for automobile makers who are from outside the United States. In the U.S fuel is much cheaper than in Europe. Fuel efficiency is not the priority in the U.S as it is in Europe. American Cars are bigger and they are used to it. American people like American things that’s why European cars fail in the U.S.

Many cars failed in the U.S market here are the 10 European cars that just don’t appeal to the U.S market.

10. Smart Fortwo

Smart Fortwo European Cars that Failed
via – Automotive World

Smart Fortwo is a rear-engine and rear-wheel-drive two-passenger mini car. Its production started back in 1998 with the Mk1 version and is still going on with the Mk3 version. it was the smallest car on sale in the U.S. the reason for its failure was its small size and underpowered drive train. Smart stopped selling its car after the 2019 model.

9. Saab 9-5

Saab 9-5 European Cars that Failed
via – autocar

 It is far from the most reliable car of all time. You can blame management because of its failure, they misplaced the ignition barrel which was on the center console to minimize the risk of injuring the driver’s knee while an accident. 9-5 was rivaling BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E class.

8. Lotus Evora

Lotus Evora
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Lotus Evora made its debut in 2009. It combines the lightweight design and peak performance of Lotus supercars. It provides great comfort too. Lotus had very low numbers of sales and most of its credit goes to its rivals like Porsche Cayman and BMW M2 which was on sale at the same time as Evora does. Sadly, it is among European cars that failed in the United States.

7. Volkswagen Phaeton

Volkswagen Phaeton
via – Carbuzz

. Volkswagen wanted to make the finest automobile of that time. They introduced Phaeton. Phaeton was a 5-seater sedan produced between 2009-2014. The main reason for its failure was its pricing which was $100,000. American people were not interested in spending that huge amount of money on a Volkswagen. It received competition from cars like Audi A8, Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Mercedes S Class, and BMW 7 Series.

6. Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia
via – Edmunds

Giulia is a high-performance car with great handling and comfortable ride quality. This car was a huge hit in Europe. Well in U.S Giulia did not sell well compared to its rivals. For American buyers, Alfa Romeo means quality and reliability issues. It was a sales failure. Its rivals like BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class were well-established in the U.S market. This beautiful machine is also among European cars that failed in the United States.

5. BMW Z3 coupe

BMW Z3 coupe European Cars that Failed
via – auto express

Yeah, BMW failed too in the U.S market. In the United States BMW was a huge hit. it showed steady sales of 15,000-20,000 units. Then BMW introduced coupe design to its Z3 family and it did not come to the likes of American buyers. Although it gained a cult following.

4. Volvo V90

Volvo V90 European Cars that Failed
via – CNET

V90 is a 5-seater wagon. This European wagon does not sell well in the U.S market. you can say the cause of its advertisement issues. Automotive reviewers showed many flaws in this car. American buyers went for the XC-60 or the XC-90 instead of the V90.

3. Jaguar E-Pace

European Cars that Failed

Jaguar offered its smallest crossover named E-Pace. It was introduced in 2018 and was based on Range Rover Evoque. E-Pace was the baby version of F-Pace. It did not sell well as American buyer always has something when it comes to the Range Rover name.

2. Fiat 500L

Fiat 500L European Cars that Failed
via – Topgear

Fiat 500L was manufactured under the FCA Serbia joint venture. It goes toe-to-toe with segment-leading Kia Soul having practical and configurable interiors. It was a failure because of its bad marketing. American does not like to buy crossovers without an aggressive design. This 500L failed to impress the U.S market.

1. Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen Arteon

Arteon is a very beautiful car with sleek coupe design and decent practicality. It has a good power of 250 hp coming from 2-liter 4-cylinder engine. But sadly, Atlas Cross Sport overshadowed it. American Buyers are more into crossover.

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