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Robert Carlyle is a Scottish actor born on 14 April 1961. His film work includes Trainspotting, The Full Monty, The World Is Not Enough, Angela’s Ashes, The Beach, 28 Weeks Later, and Yesterday. He has been in the television shows Hamish Macbeth, Stargate Universe, and Once Upon a Time. He won the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for The Full Monty and a Gemini Award for Stargate Universe and was nominated for an Emmy Award for his work in Human Trafficking (2005). His estimated net worth is around $5 Million and has a handful of cars in his garage.

Robert Carlyle Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Chevrolet Bel Air$60,000
Chevrolet Suburban$73,800
Pontiac Grand AM$23,750

1. Chevrolet Bel Air

Robert Carlyle
Via: Motor Trend

The car carried a really impressive and sturdy design which made it distant from its rivals in the 50s. As per the performance goes the Bel Air packed a really capable V8 engine which made over 162 horsepower. The Bel Air was loved for its well-built body and impressive handling which made it one of the most desirable cars still today.

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2. Chevrolet Suburban

Robert Carlyle
Via: The Car Connection

A full-size SUV like a Chevrolet Suburban could make your ride easier with less distraction and comes with added benefits of going anywhere on streets in disguise. The Suburban packs a powerful 5.3-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 420 horses and 460 lb-ft of torque. It can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 7.0 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 155 mph

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3. Pontiac Grand AM

Robert Carlyle
Via: Pinterest

The Grand AM was a mid-sized car based on the GM A Platform. When it was reintroduced in 1985, it replaced the Pontiac Phoenix and became Pontiac’s best-selling car. Equipped with a 200 hp 7.5L with four-barrel carburetors, it took 7.7 seconds to hit from 0-60 mph.

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