10 Spectacular Luxury Cars Modified By Mansory

Loaded with huge body kits and aggressive bold looks, there are the 10 most spectacular cars created by Mansory.


Mansory is a Germany-based luxury car tuning and modifying company founded in 1989 by an Iranian-German tuner named Kourosh Mansory. Their vision is to make some of the most well-engineered and out-of-this-world-looking cars. From luxury cars, sports cars, convertibles, supercars you name it and they have it for you. Mansory specialises in tweaking the stock-built cars up to a level which says “cool” out loud, from engine performance to sensual visual appeals, from the enormous carbon-fibre body kits to huge-sized wheels. Mansory has a decade’s worth of experience to make your future supercar look one of a kind. From their dealerships in the UK, US, India, Japan, Switzerland etc, Mansory has all kinds of worries taken care of by their worldwide presence. Visual appeal is a very subjective area, some like it and others don’t. In this list, we have added some of the most spectacular cars created by Mansory. Let’s go through them one by one.

10. Mansory ForTwo

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A company like Mansory which has a discreet reputation for modifying luxury supercars doesn’t make them all about them only. They modified the Smart ForTwo with a new widebody kit with a bunch of carbon-fiber parts. The Mansory ForTwo came with a tuned three-cylinder turbocharged engine which now pumps out 140 horsepower. The fact that they turned the compact Smart car adds another level of rarity and exclusivity to it. 

9. Mansory Venatus Evo

Via – Tuningblog.eu

Another creation by Mansory is the Venatus Evo (meaning “hunter” in Latin), a customised and tuned Lamborghini Urus created by them. One of the world’s fastest luxury SUVs has now got a complete overhaul with a carbon-fiber body kit everywhere from hoods, and roofs, to the rear diffuser. The Venatus comes with a huge rear wing spoiler and a custom middle exhaust system which makes the custom Urus more demeanour. 

8. Mansory Continental GTC V8

Via – Mansory

Don’t forget that the company made their first modification from British cars so creating this custom Bentley isn’t a surprise. The Bentley Continental GTC V8 is already a great-looking car but Mansory has made it look like it came from the future. The GTC is finished with custom large black wheels, with black-on-black paint. It also offers a custom “chrome oxide green” colour which is a darker shade of mini green. The colour of the green-themed interior flows throughout the car’s exterior over the headlights and the brake callipers. 

7. Mansory Coastline

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With the tag of being one of the most luxurious SUVs in the world, Mansory had to do something different with this one. They flourished the exterior of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan with their coastline trim and added wide arches, reworked front and rear bumpers, tailgate spoiler, and large 22-inch wheels. They didn’t stop there and added extravagant teal-ish interiors to match the exterior of the Cullinan. 

6. Mansory Gronos

Via – MercedesBLog

Being one of the most loved SUVs in the market, Mansory has created many modified G Wagons in the past. The speciality of the Mercedes G Wagon Gronos edition is that it now shells out a hefty 850 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque with the tuned 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 engine. The exterior is painted with British Racing Green colour with forged carbon-fiber finishes and large 24-inch wheels. The reworked interior with a more dramatical looking cabin adds more elegance to the car. 

5. Mansory Dawn

Via – Mansory

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is the best-looking and most luxurious convertible on the market and Mansory has made it more beautiful. The V12 Dwan is completed with a silver two-tone with a blue paint job, with new improved bumpers and side rails. They’ve added a new set of custom wheels and orange-tinted leather interiors to complement the overall looks of the Dawn reflecting the style and a sense of prestige at the same time. 

4. Mansory DBX

Via – Mansory

This Aston Martin DBX by Mansory is probably the most beefed-up SUV ever created. The Mansory DBX comes with a demeanour body kit from front to rear with huge dual spoilers on the back. While many would argue that they have created a full-fledged plane on four wheels- it is because they have added the engine start/stop button to the roof. Mansory has turned the power up to 800 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque and fitted a custom body kit with a new interior which looks absolutely stunning. 

3. Mansory Bentayga Bleureign Edition

Via – Mansory

The Mansory Bentayga Bleureign Edition is one of the coolest and sickest-looking cars they have ever created. With a completely new look from front to rear, the Bentayga is finished with a special blue-coloured paint job. It is fitted with huge carbon-fiber panels, a new spoiler at the rear, custom 22-inch wheels, and a custom blue and white interior to match the charm outside of the car. Mansory has also tuned the power of this Bentayga which now produces 750 hp and 750 lb-ft of torque with its specially tuned V8 engine.

2. Ferrari Roma 

Via – Mansory

If there is beauty and elegance in a car, the Ferrari Roma would be one of them. This car should be kept under a cage, not on the road. Mansory has taken the liberty to be more artistic with this piece of machinery. They have increased the power to 700 hp and a new top speed of 206 mph. The Mansory Roma comes with a heavy body kit which includes a new hood, custom front splitter and rear diffuser and a new ducktail spoiler.

1. Le Mansory

Via – Topspeed

With a car as unique and rare as the Ford GT, Mansory took a fruitful amount of time and created one of their best Le Mansory. They changed the entire look of the car with new front and rear ends with new side skirts with more aerodynamic vents. They removed the stock spoiler and fitted a huge fixed wing to add the racy feel. Mansory will build only three of these with making sure this car is as exclusive as it is.


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