2023 Mercedes AMG EQE Price, Range, Top Speed, 0-60 mph And Features

AMG known primarily for performance-oriented cars is all set to bring forward the all-new Mercedes AMG EQE. Dual motor powers this Mercedes helping the car make a quiet and clean 617 horses. An optional performance trim can be taken up if one needs a little more horsepower which makes approximately 677 HP. The company decided to make no changes in the batteries powering the sedan as it is same as the standard EQE’s.

What’s new?

The sedan comes with an improved handling owing to the suspension and brakes upgrade. The AMG EQE is all set to join the line-up for 2023 with the EQS sedan.

EV Motor Specifications & Performance

The 2023 AMG EQE comes with an all wheel drive owing to the fact that there is a specific motor for each axle. The base model makes a nice 607HP whereas the optional Dynamic Plus package can be taken which makes 677 HP. The AMG branch of the company claims that it could sprint from a still stop to the 60 mph mark in under 3.2 seconds.

Dimensions, Space & Airbags

2023 Mercedes AMG EQE have insane safety features which includes 8 airbags as standard.

Range, Charging, and Battery Life

The sedan comes with a 90.6 kWh battery capacity with the 328-volt high-performance drive battery. The EQE is expected to have a range of 300 miles or more on a full charge. The Fast charging option is also available with the standard charging. The Company recommends to charge the car to a level of 80% if you use it on daily basis, which extends the battery life of the car. Further more it is recommended not to overcharge the car.


2023 Mercedes AMG EQE PricePrice (USD)
2023 Mercedes AMG EQE Price

The brand is yet to release an official statement on the pricing of the electric car. There will definitely be some optional packages which can be added to the car taking it to six-figures.

Specifications: Acceleration & Top-speed

2023 Mercedes AMG EQE Specs
MotorAMG-specific electric motors
Drivetrainall-wheel drive
Horsepower607 HP or 677 HP
Torque701 lb-ft or 738 lb-ft
0-60 MPH3.2 seconds
Top speed137 mph or 149 mph

Exterior and Interior

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