2023 Mercedes-Benz CLE-Class Price, Engine, Mileage, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph & Features


Mercedes-Benz CLE-Class Specifications & Features

A single vehicle, potentially known as the 2023 Mercedes-Benz CLE-Class, will purportedly replace the C-class and E-class convertibles that are now available in the Mercedes-Benz portfolio. Although there are few details at this time, spy photographs indicate that Mercedes-Benz is really working on a new ragtop, and a trademark application disclosed that the CLE-class moniker is a possibility. Although we are unsure of the CLE-Class’s initial powertrain lineup, we anticipate a mix of four- and six-cylinder possibilities. The prototype appears to be closer in size to the newly redesigned 2022 C-class sedan. This would indicate its closest competitors will be the Audi A5 and the BMW 4-series, even if it may replace both the C- and E-class Cabriolets. The Mercedes-AMG version of the CLE-Class will undoubtedly be produced, and it may even be modified for the company’s ultra-luxurious Mercedes-Maybach line.

What’s New?

Mercedes’ CLE-class nomenclature is brand-new, but the idea of a convertible that serves both the tiny and mid-size markets is not. The long-retired CLK-class vehicle, which also balanced the gap between the two portions, may have a spiritual heir in the CLE-Class. The CLE-Class is anticipated to be unveiled in 2022 and go on sale as a 2023 model shortly after.


  • 2023 Mercedes-Benz CLE-Class
  • 2023 Mercedes-Benz CLE-Class
2023 Mercedes-Benz CLE-Class TrimsPrice (USD)
Premium$60,000 (est)
Exclusive$63,000 (est)
Pinnacle$67,000 (est)
CLE-Class Price

The 2023 Mercedes-Benz CLE-class could follow the new trim lineup that debuted with the 2022 C-class sedan, which starts with the entry-level Premium and goes up to the Exclusive and Pinnacle versions, but Mercedes-Benz has not yet disclosed pricing or equipment details. In either case, we anticipate that the new convertible will be more expensive, with prices starting at roughly $60,000.

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