2023 Peugeot E-308 Debuts With 156 HP & 250 Miles Of Range

Peugeot is delivering its promise of making an electric 308 without an internal combustion engine. The 2023 Peugeot E-308 although may look like a new electric car but uses the same platform as its ICE model. The car also keeps the characteristics of the gas counterpart with its exterior and interior design. The car rides on a new set of 18-inch wheels which improves the aerodynamics and efficiency and increases the overall range.

EV Motor, Performance & Battery:


The 2023 Peugeot E-308 comes in both wagon and hatchback with an electric powertrain that makes 156 hp and 191 lb-ft of torque. The E-308 offers instant torque delivery ending in rapid acceleration thanks to its all-electric powertrain. The E-308 EV uses a new 400-volt 51-kWh battery with 80 percent nickel, 10 percent manganese, and 10 percent cobalt. The battery is capable to deliver over 250 miles (400 Km) of the WLTP range. The Peugeot EV supports fast charging up to 100kW which takes from 20-80 percent in just 25 minutes.


The car’s unique body design helps in better aerodynamics and creates less friction with the new wheels and tires. Peugeot offers single pedal driving and battery regeneration with its “brake driving mode”. It decelerates the car when the driver releases the foot from the accelerator and the energy from that charges the battery.



The 2023 Peugeot E-308 will be available two times – Allure and GT and will go on sale in mid-2023. The buyers can choose between electric station wagon or hatchback body styles. The buyers can also trade in their old vehicle and finance the new one directly from Peugeot’s website. The company will deliver the EV at no additional costs after the final price.

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