Mercedes-Benz Not Planning T Kill V8 After 2030

Mercedes-Benz stated that the brand will go all-electric before the end of this decade to meet the 2030 zero emission regulations. Very few people know that the brand stated this with a big asterisk that specified the brand’s intentions according to the market. It meant that the Stuttgart giant will keep its internal combustion engine like the V8 in most regions if the demand remains.


We don’t expect the brand to keep all the engines but its flagship V8 engine after 2030. Joerg Bartels, VP for vehicle development of Mercedes-Benz told CarSales in an interview that the V8 is here to stay. It depends on the emission regulations and whether the company meets the average C02 regulations. If the lineup meets the regulations, the German carmakers will not retire its iconic eight-cylinder powerhouse. If the laws go stricter, the brand will have no other options other than to kill its ICE-powered vehicles.


“In the end, it has to fulfill our overall CO2 strategy, and we have a clear path on that one: being CO2 neutral by 2039. And from 2030 we just want to be pure electric. But if there’s still a customer demand in some regions, and it’s still part of our offering, why should we stop it?” Bartels said during the interview. It all boils down to whether the brand will improve its internal combustion engine or not. Also if the customers wanted to buy the ICE-powered cars or will the demands stays like today? Bartels said the company’s engineers are positive that there are still ways to improve the engines to produce less carbon footprint.



The Mercedes-Benz VP acknowledged that the high development costs for ICEs will be difficult for the brand after 2025. Until that the German automaker offered its high-end V8 engine in its current flagship cars including the 2nd-Gen AMG GT. With some models, the carmaker will no longer offer the flagship V8, instead, they will come with a hybrid solution. Like the top-spec Mercedes S680 models, will offer the last of its kind V12 models. Other bands including BMW, and Porsche will offer only electric cars from 2030 to achieve the net carbon zero goal.

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