2023 Subaru Legacy Specifications And Performance



Not everyday you see something bizarre like a crossover of completely different portions. To take all the attention, here’s the new 2023 Subaru Legacy. You ask what it is? Ground Clearance of a SUV, stance of a Station wagon, but all in all Subaru wants this to be a sedan so that’s what the category it gets.

Subaru Legacy Front (Via: caranddriver)
Subaru Legacy Front (Via: caranddriver)

The Legacy Right here is famous for its comfort which is being carried out from its previous participles. As other of the segment, delivers a all-wheel-drive train, running smooth as well as speed. Paired with a, you know what, that’s what Subaru has always being doing, a basic four-cylinder-engine. The rest lies ahead and that let’s discover.

What’s New

Its the time when the Legacy does get a new suit for the party, with the revised front bumper, a slight bigger grille than before, and a little disparate headlamps. Now a 260-hp turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine is standard for the Sports trim.

Subaru Legacy Interior (Via: caranddriver)
Subaru Legacy Interior (Via: caranddriver)

Engine, Top-Speed, Mileage, 0-60Mph

The Heart comes in for 2 variants, Firstly a 2.4 Liter 4-cylinder engine with a kick out of 182 horsepower, and secondly, the same engine with installed a Turbo, giving out a total of 260 Horsepower. The rest that’s Standard is a All-wheel-drive and a CVT in transmission. When the 0-60 Mph test was on the one with the turbo, it resulted out, more of a insulted out of covering it in just-over-six-seconds. Clearly, it could have done better for the segment.

The non-turbo Legacy Variants Secure an higher mileage estimates from the EPA of 27 mpg city and 35 mpg highway. The turbocharged models too have a set of good scores of 24 mpg city and 32 mpg highway.

  • Zero to 60 mph: 6.1 sec
  • Zero to 100 mph: 15.6 sec
  • Zero to 120 mph: 24.3 sec
  • Top gear, 30–50 mph: 3.7 sec
  • Top gear, 50–70 mph: 4.5 sec
  • Standing ¼-mile: 14.7 sec @ 97 mph
  • Top speed: 140 mph
  • Braking, 70–0 mph: 176 ft
Subaru Legacy Rear (Via: caranddriver)
Subaru Legacy Rear (Via: caranddriver)

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  • Wheelbase: 108.3 in
  • Length: 190.6 in
  • Width: 72.4 in
  • Height: 59.1 in
  • Passenger volume: 103 cu ft
  • Trunk volume: 15 cu ft
  • Curb weight: 3781 lb


Comes out in half-a-dozen looks to choose from, the models do really have a character of exaggerating but none of them does really achieve the peak of the segment or get even close to it. The models are as stated:

  • Base $25,000 (est)
  • Premium $27,000 (est)
  • Sport $30,000 (est)
  • Limited $31,000 (est)
  • Limited XT $36,000 (est)
  • Touring XT $38,000 (est)


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