2024 BMW i5 vs BMW i7 Comparison

2024 BMW i5 vS BMW i7: Which one is Better?

The upcoming 2024 BMW i5 sedan will serve as a link between the successful i4 and the top-of-the-line i7. This mid-size electric vehicle aims to offer a luxurious experience combined with enjoyable driving, similar to its EV counterparts. The i5 will come in two versions. The rear-wheel drive eDrive40 with 335 horsepower and the all-wheel drive M60 xDrive with 590 horsepower. It competes with other premium electric cars such as the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, Genesis Electrified G80, and Mercedes-Benz EQE. The 2024 BMW i7, on the other hand, provides a serene and premium driving experience. Its dual-motor setup operates quietly and offers ample power. The i7 boasts a comfortable ride, a spacious cabin, and advanced technology features. The high-performance M70 variant offers 650 horsepower and a range of around 295 miles. While the base i7 xDrive60 delivers 536 horsepower and a range of up to 318 miles.

BMW i5

2024 BMW i5 vs BMW i7

Battery & Charging Options

There are two i5 models available, the first of which is the 335-hp eDrive40 that drives the back wheels with a single electric motor. A second electric motor is fitted to the front axle of a hotter M60 xDrive model for a total of 590 horsepower. An 84.3-kWh battery pack located under the i5’s floorboards. According to BMW, can provide the eDrive40 model with 295 miles of range between charges. The dual-motor M60 model is less efficient and has an estimated 256-mile range on a single charge. The car’s battery pack can be connected to DC fast-charging stations. And it is claimed that this connection can charge the battery pack from 10% to 80% in 30 minutes. Speaking of charging, each brand-new BMW i5 will have three years’ worth of complimentary 30-minute charging sessions at Electrify America charging stations.

Price & Mileage

If your priority is to maximize range, the eDrive40 variant of the i5 will be your go-to choice. With its single electric motor powering the rear wheels, it offers a longer cruising distance compared to the more performance-focused M60 model. However, for those of us who appreciate a thrilling driving experience, sacrificing a bit of range for more power and better cornering grip is a trade-off we’re willing to make. In terms of pricing, the 2024 BMW i5 starts at $67,795, providing an enticing entry point into the world of electric luxury sedans. The M60, with its dual motors and increased performance, commands a higher price tag, reaching up to $85,095. As for the official fuel economy ratings from the EPA, they have not yet been published for the 2024 i5.

Acceleration & Features

The most powerful of the two powertrains allows the BMW i5 to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in under 3.7 seconds. A massive, curving panel featuring a 12.3-inch digital gauge display and a 14.9-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system dominates the i5’s dashboard. The most recent BMW iDrive 8.5 interface is straightforward to use and, if necessary, can get updates over the air. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and in-dash navigation are included as standard on all models. A Harman/Kardon audio system, a wireless smartphone charging pad, and an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot are all included. A head-up display is an optional feature.

BMW i7

2024 BMW i5 vs BMW i7

Battery & Charging

The i7 utilizes dual electric motors, delivering a combined 536 horsepower, similar to BMW’s iX SUV. While the EPA has yet to provide an official estimate for the M70 model, the i7 xDrive60 is expected to have a range of up to 318 miles per charge. BMW states that the performance-oriented variant should achieve around 295 miles per charge. With its massive 101.7-kWh battery pack, the i7 can be fast-charged at DC stations, providing an 80-mile range boost in just 10 minutes. Charging-wise, each new i7 from BMW includes three years of complimentary 30-minute sessions at Electrify America charging stations.

Pricing & Mileage

For those seeking a refined and luxurious driving experience, we recommend opting for the xDrive60 variant of the i7, unless you have a penchant for impromptu drag races at every traffic light. This model still packs a punch with its impressive 536 horsepower powertrain, while also offering a generous array of desirable features as standard. Just like its gasoline-powered counterpart, the i7 represents a limousine-like luxury sedan that can be further enhanced with the Executive Lounge package, ensuring utmost comfort for rear-seat passengers. We highly recommend this package as it includes indulgent amenities like sumptuous, reclining back seats with built-in massages, which truly justify its higher price tag. As for efficiency, the i7 is projected to achieve an estimated 87 MPGe in the city and 92 MPGe on the highway, according to EPA calculations.

Acceleration & Features

The i7, despite its substantial size, offers impressive acceleration and comes standard with all-wheel drive. Our estimations indicate that the xDrive60 variant can reach 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds, while the more powerful M70 variant cranks it up to an impressive 650 horsepower. Surprisingly nimble for a big sedan, the i7’s handling may not appeal to those seeking sports-sedan agility. In terms of interior features, the i7 adopts the iX SUV’s digital dashboard, featuring prominent floating digital gauges and multimedia panels. These two displays are seamlessly integrated under a single pane of glass, providing a clear view of both entertainment features and driving statistics. Additionally, an optional rear-seat entertainment system adds to the luxurious experience, offering a massive 31.3-inch screen that descends from the ceiling. With these advancements, the i7 ensures a captivating and technologically advanced journey for all occupants.

2024 BMW i5 vs BMW i7 Difference

BMW i5Tesla Model 3
Dimensions199.2 in x 74.8 in x 59.3 in212.2 in x 76.8 in x 60.8 in
Motorpermanent-magnet AC2 current-excited synchronous AC
Power Figures590 hp & 586 lb-ft536 hp & 549 lb-ft
0-60 MPH3.7 sec4.1 sec
0-100 MPHNA9.0 sec
Top-Speed130 mph130–149 mph
Airbags6 Airbags7 Airbags

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