2024 Toyota Hilux MHEV Will Inspire The New Fortuner In India

The 2024 Toyota Hilux MHEV revealed, potential Fortuner inspiration from the new Hilux MHEV

Toyota has recently unveiled the 2024 Toyota Hilux MHEV, a mild-hybrid version of its popular Hilux model which signals a step towards improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. This move comes on the heels of successful prototype testing in Africa. It will be built in Thailand for the European market.

Toyota Hilux MHEV

2024 Toyota Hilux MHEV Will Inspire The New Fortuner In India
Source: Carscoops

The core of the Hilux MHEV lies in its 2.8-litre diesel engine, now integrated with a 48V mild-hybrid system. This innovative setup incorporates an electric motor generator and other components aimed at enhancing the vehicle’s environmental performance. Toyota assures that these additions will not compromise the Hilux’s renowned off-road and towing capabilities.

The mild-hybrid technology will be initially available in the top variants, with lower trims receiving this feature at a later stage. Toyota strategically places the components, allowing for an impressive water-wading depth of 700 mm. The system promises benefits such as improved torque assist, smoother start/stop functions, regenerative braking, and up to a 10% increase in fuel efficiency compared to diesel-only powertrains.

Toyota’s Global Mild-Hybrid Expansion Plan

2024 Toyota Hilux MHEV Will Inspire The New Fortuner In India
Source: Carscoops

Following the European launch, Toyota plans to introduce the Hilux MHEV in South Africa, Australia, and ASEAN markets. The 2.8-litre diesel engine in the Hilux is a versatile powerplant found in various Toyota models. It includes the Fortuner SUV, the new Land Cruiser Prado, and the updated Land Cruiser 70. Toyota has confirmed that the Fortuner will be among the next models to feature mild-hybrid technology.

Indian Market Expectations

Toyota is known for locally assembling the Fortuner and Hilux in India. It is likely to introduce mild-hybrid technology in these models shortly. The 2.8-litre diesel engine now comes with MHEV and will make its way to the Indian market next year. However, the exact timeline and which model will receive the technology has not yet been confirmed by the Japanese automaker.

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