2024 Volvo EM90 Electric MPV Price, Range, 0-60 Mph, Top-Speed & Performance

Volvo EM90 Specification & Features

Surprisingly, Volvo, known for its boxy cars, finally explores the family-friendly minivan style with the new 2024 Volvo EM90. Thanks to its connection with the Geely corporate family, it shares a platform and power with the Chinese-exclusive Zeekr 009. However, Volvo ditches the harsh design of the Zeekr 009. Opting for a sleeker and calmer look, prioritizing safety as always. This move seems overdue but aligns with Volvo’s commitment to adapting and improving. The EM90 embraces a more serene aesthetic while staying true to Volvo’s safety ethos. It’s a noteworthy shift, marking Volvo’s foray into a classic minivan layout while incorporating contemporary design and safety features.

What’s New?

The EM90 shares a robust look with its Zeekr relative but with more understated touches. Noteworthy are Volvo’s usual “Thor’s hammer” headlights, perched atop a broad and tall front adorned with intricate LEDs and a glowing Volvo emblem. You’ll find vertically aligned taillights at the back and a full-width light strip housing an illuminated Volvo logo. Rolling on 19- or 20-inch wheels, the EM90 exudes a distinct style.

Volvo EM90 Motor, Battery & Range

Volvo affectionately calls the EM90 a “comfortable living room on the move,” hinting that it’s more about comfort than swift maneuvers. Unlike the Zeekr’s powerful dual-motor setup. The EM90 opts for a single rear-mounted electric motor generating 268 hp. Resulting in a leisurely 8.3 seconds for the minivan to reach 62 mph. Quite a difference from Zeekr’s 4.5-second sprint. Housing a 116.0-kWh battery, the EM90 shares this feature with the Zeekr, but Volvo claims an extended 459-mile range on China’s test cycle. Surpassing the Zeekr’s 436-mile mark. Impressively, Volvo asserts the EM90 can recharge from 10 to 80 percent in under half an hour, and its battery can even power other cars and electronic gadgets.

Volvo EM90 Other Details

In essence, the EM90 prioritizes its lounge-style, six-seat interior. The rear captain’s chairs, notably plush, include fold-out tables, creating a comfy atmosphere. The birch wood panels with a delicately backlit design adorn the dashboard, doors, and front seatbacks, lending an open feel. The shifter is crafted from Orrefors crystal. Hanging from the ceiling, a 15.6-inch entertainment screen supports various third-party apps and incorporates a camera for video calls. Audio duties are handled by a 21-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system. The driver is equipped with a 15.4-inch infotainment screen and a small display behind the steering wheel, while rear-seat passengers control specific functions via screens on the doors. This setup ensures a seamless and luxurious experience for all occupants.

  • 2024 Volvo EM90
  • 2024 Volvo EM90

Volvo highlights the EM90’s impressive sound isolation, achieved through noise cancellation tech, custom tires, and a dual-chamber air suspension. The panoramic glass roof, complete with a curtain, and ambient lighting creates diverse moods inspired by the Northern lights, Swedish forests, or “the dawn of Midsummer.” Despite sharing a platform with the Zeekr 009, Volvo prioritizes safety, emphasizing a robust structure of steel and aluminum safeguarding both the battery and passengers. Advanced driver-assistance features are enabled by an array of radar, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras. Transitioning smoothly, Volvo ensures a seamless blend of luxury, safety, and innovation in the EM90, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a refined driving experience.

Pricing & Sale

Volvo plans to launch the EM90 initially in China, where luxury minivans are in high demand. The statement intriguingly hints at potential exports, although the chances of the EM90 reaching the U.S. seem slim, and if it does, it won’t be anytime soon. Despite this uncertainty, we’re optimistic that the EM90’s calm and lavish interior design will influence upcoming Volvo models.

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