2025 BMW 3 Series EV Will Be Based On Neue Klasse Platform

The upcoming 2025 BMW 3 Series will be based on the company’s Neue Klasse platform.


Earlier we reported that BMW is developing its future electric cars with a completely new platform. Called the “Neue Klasse,” the platform is an all-new platform built for the upcoming BMW EVs. The architecture is still under development and is due for its completion after a couple of years. Expected to arrive in 2025, we believe that the upcoming BMW 3 Series EV sedan will be built on this new platform. The company’s main focus for this new platform will be the midsize luxury segment which CEO Oliver Zipse believes will dominate. 

2025 BMW 3 Series

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During the first-quarter earnings call on Thursday, CEO Zipse stated that the Neue Klasse platform will go into production in the mid-decade at BMW’s new plant in Hungary. The cars made on this platform will be purely electric, clarifying after the rumours that suggested that this new platform will also be used for ICE-powered cars.

BMW has plans to expand the scope of its Neue Klasse platform to build every segment of the company’s portfolio. A source claimed that there will be many zero-carbon emitting cars based on the same architecture. It will be ranging from the mid-size luxury models up to the high-performance models. The ICE-powered cars will be built on other platforms. 

And as the new 3-Series goes, it will be based on this new platform. The new all-electric 3 Series is yet to arrive in 2025. And rumours suggest that the new 3 Series will be completely different from the current i3 model sold in China


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