2025 Canoo Electric Truck Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph & Features

Canoo Electric Truck Specifications & Features

Canoo, an American automaker, approaches electric vehicles uniquely by focusing intently on vehicle concepts and designs. Its lineup comprises a lifestyle MPV and a pickup truck, both constructed upon the same electric skateboard base. The 2025 Canoo Electric pickup, which boasts a cab-over design, showcases distinctive features like a surround illumination system and fold-down side tables. Canoo left a notable mark on the market when it delivered vehicles to NASA. Founded in 2017 by Stefan Krauze, former chief financial officer for Deutsche Bank, and Ulrich Kranz, previously a senior executive at BMW, the company emerged from their collaboration at Californian-based manufacturer Faraday Future, as they chose to establish their own EV brand, Evelozcity.

What’s New?

In March 2019, the company underwent a name change, rebranding as Canoo. During this time, the team directed its efforts toward the creation of delivery and lifestyle vehicles, giving rise to the current lineup, which has even earned the distinction of becoming an official NASA vehicle. Canoo’s primary objective is to offer cost-effective electric vehicles for everyday consumers, with the lifestyle vehicle’s entry point priced at $39,950, while the pickup truck’s cost is anticipated to align with other electric pickups in the market.

With the addition of Karl-Thomas Neumann, a third automotive executive, to their ranks, the company’s focus shifted to the development of a pickup truck. Consequently, both the Canoo Lifestyle MPV and the Pickup Truck share a common electric skateboard base, with the pickup truck showcasing a cab-over design and a gracefully curved panoramic windshield.

Canoo Electric Truck Motor, Battery, Range & Performance

2025 Canoo Electric Truck
2025 Canoo Electric Truck

The skateboard itself, featuring a lengthy wheelbase for battery pack placement akin to the original Autonomy concept car, demonstrates Canoo’s innovation by incorporating rear or all-wheel-drive systems. The former variation aims for a range surpassing 500 miles, while the latter impresses with a robust 500-hp dual motor setup. Panasonic supplies the pack, with an energy capacity of up to 80 kWh. Canoo’s trucks charge rapidly, enabled by a 20% to 80% battery refill in just 28 minutes through their fast-charging solution. Vehicles equipped with a small battery pack and fast-charging system can achieve a Canoo charge in under 30 minutes.

Canoo Electric Truck Price

In contrast to the luxury SUV-oriented approach of the Faraday Future FF91, Canoo has set its sights on providing an affordable EV option that caters to everyday consumers. The Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle comes with a starting price of $39,950, targeting those seeking a versatile electric vehicle for various needs. While the pricing for the Pickup version hasn’t been disclosed yet, it’s likely to align with the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet Silverado EV, both falling within the $40,000 range. Notably, Canoo has initiated production at its Oklahoma City facility.

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