2025 Fisker Rōnin Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph & Features

Fisker Rōnin Specifications & Features

The vision of Fisker’s impressive sports car is taking shape with the unveiling of the 2025 Fisker Rōnin concept. The emerging EV manufacturer plans to commence production in the latter half of 2025, presenting it as a convertible with four doors. Fisker is dedicated to achieving exceptional performance in terms of both acceleration and range. The vehicle will be propelled by three electric motors, delivering all-wheel traction and a remarkable 1000 horsepower. Notably, the Rōnin’s battery pack promises an extended driving range of up to 600 miles on a single charge. Surpassing the current range leader, the Lucid Air, by EPA standards. Employing active aerodynamics and a lightweight carbon framework, the Rōnin prioritizes weight reduction. As the car’s production date nears, we anticipate gaining more insight, and our anticipation is that this visually striking EV sports car will stay faithful to its conceptual promises.

What’s New?

The forthcoming Rōnin emerges as a new inclusion within the Fisker lineup. Scheduled for production initiation in late 2025, which could potentially result in the first models gracing the streets as 2026 editions. Assuming the timeline remains consistent. Limited to just 999 units, Fisker plans to usher in the Rōnin. Targeting delivery commencement in the latter part of 2025. CEO Henrik Fisker envisions the Rōnin as a contemporary rendition of the “timeless grand touring car” catering to “enthusiasts who revel in driving,” infusing a renewed vitality into the driving experience.

Fisker Rōnin Motor, Power & Performance

  • 2025 Fisker Rōnin
  • 2025 Fisker Rōnin
  • 2025 Fisker Rōnin
  • 2025 Fisker Rōnin
  • 2025 Fisker Rōnin

While specific details concerning the Rōnin’s powertrain are yet undisclosed. Fisker has unveiled plans to incorporate a potent three-motor all-wheel-drive setup producing 1000 horsepower. Coupled with an approximate range of 600 miles and a maximum speed of 170 mph. Henrik Fisker, the CEO, highlights the capability of this arrangement to catapult the Rōnin from 0 to 60 mph in a remarkable 2.0 seconds.

Fisker Rōnin Pricing

2025 Fisker Rōnin TrimsPrice (USD)
Rōnin Price

Fisker has already begun accepting orders for the Rōnin, their 1000-horsepower grand tourer priced at $385,000. Despite the expected delivery date being just two years from now, the location of Rōnin’s production remains undisclosed. Notably, Fisker lacks its own manufacturing facilities, having previously partnered with Magna Steyr in Austria for Ocean’s assembly and intending to collaborate with Foxconn in Lordstown, Ohio, for Pear’s production.

Fisker Rōnin Features

Numerous extravagant supercar elements are evident, including butterfly doors at both the front and rear, along with a retractable carbon-fiber hardtop that folds into the trunk for an exhilarating open-air experience. Notably, only the rear doors feature handles; the front ones can be accessed by swiping the handle or utilizing a smartphone. The interior reportedly features eco-friendly, repurposed materials and revolves around a substantial 17.1-inch screen. Despite this description, the obscured interior image doesn’t offer a comprehensive view of the design.

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