2025 Rivian Adventure Van: An Electric Off-Road Camper


2025 Rivian Adventure Van‘s details remain secret, but the more rugged it looks, the better. Still, now, no automaker has yet produced a factory-ready Overlanding camper van. But, this game will change with the debut of the 2025 Rivian Adventure Van, brought to life by an artist’s illustration. Conceived as the successor of the Rivian R1T and a Sportsmobile Ford Econoline, the Adventure Van targets Rivian’s philosophy of “keeping the world adventurous forever.” The Adventure Van is based on an R1 electric off-roader, with features like Rivian’s camp kitchen, and converting its seats into beds. (Source: Motor Trend)

What’s New?

Most of the automakers just knew how to make an insane amount of money by investing in the overland craze, but the Rivian Adventure Van will amp the game further. Expect Rivian to build the Adventure Van from its commercial-oriented Prime Van or RCV, but also expect to use of more off-road-capable platform under the R1T pickup and R1S SUV. Not much information from sources, as it is still very early for the Adventure Van. It may be available in multiple batteries and motor options and sports standard company’s trick hydropneumatic suspension. Expect both dual- and quad-motor powertrains, with as much as 1,200 hp and 1,200 lb-ft on gas, along with a 180-kWh Max battery pack.

2025 Rivian
Via: Motor Trend

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Estimate the price to around $125,000 as it would be the first electric off-road capable RV. And releasing date is still nowhere near, as Rivian has other projects to work on. Expect quarter 4 of 2025 at the earliest, as this car is of low priority.

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