5 Cool Design Details To Look Out In 2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster


The all new Bugatti Mistral Roadster has been launched by Bugatti and it is surely a precious masterpiece to look out for. It will also serve as the send-off for the French automaker’s famous W16 engine. Mistral is the topless version of Bugatti Chiron, and it brings a wind-in-the-hair option to the marque’s plutocrats, just in case their Gulfstream G800 is available in shop.

“Our customers asked for this, something that has been missing in the Chiron line”, said Bugatti designer Jascha Straub during an exclusive preview on the grounds of Bugatti Chateau last month. So, we are going to show you five cool design elements in this beast, which are mentioned below.

1. An Expensive Haircut

Bugatti Mistral Roadster - Side View
via- Bugatti

The first thing that will not be available is an actual roof. “For any emergency, a foldable soft top is provided”, stated by Straub. “We wanted to create a real roadster, and real roadster has no roof”. Creating a $5 million roadster is not as easy as removing a Chiron’s roof panel. “That aero don’t work for our model’s top speeds”, Straub said. Such a workaday solution is no aesthetic as it would remove the Bugatti signature line. Viz. referring to delicate ovoid curve that captured the A-pillar, roofline, air intake, and rocker panel.

2. Staying in Character

Bugatti Mistral Roadster
via- Bugatti

One of Chiron’s best design feature is the “signature line”, and it facsimile the designs established by the company’s founder, Ettore Bugatti. Those can be seen on masterpieces like Type 41 and Type 57. To preserve that legacy body line, Mistral designers created a visor-like wraparound windshield and added a lower, flatter, and wider character line, inspired by those seen on track-only Bolide and Voiture Noire.

3. A Familiar-ish Face

Front Face View
via- Bugatti

Designers doesn’t forget to add the Bugatti’s trademark horseshoe grille. However, the rest of the roadster’s face is somehow remind us of Bugatti limited cars like Bugatti Divo and Bugatti La Voiture Noire. Front LED’s on Mistral also shows the another new and bold facial feature to make it unique.

4. Taillight Show

via- Bugatti

Another eye-catching feature on Mistral are its red X-shaped taillights with Bugatti brand illumination in between. So from those this beast passes by should instantly know that what just blew by them at 250+ mph. Mistral equips a very short rear overhang that provides an ideal view its outgoing W16 engine.

5. The Inside Scoop

Bugatti Mistral Roadster - Interior
via- Bugatti

Mistral’s interior is a look-a-like as same that of Bugatti Chiron, well both are one and the same. But the Bugatti Mistral roadster gets a special treatment in case of seats and dash. These are made from hand-woven leather, whereas gearshift knob features a Bugatti standing elephant and mascot enclosed in glass, like an ancient insect caught in amber.

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