Aito M5 Price, Battery, Range, Top Speed & 0-60 mph

Aito M5 Is The First Car To Hit China Roads With Huawei OS

Aito M5- The First Car To Hit The China Market Comes With The Huawei’s Harmony OS (2)

The Aito M5, the first car with Huawei’s Harmony OS (operating system), is set to begin deliveries at a ceremony on Saturday in Shanghai, according to an announcement on social media. Huawei has emphasised it will not make cars on its own, rather working with auto manufacturers on autonomous driving and other technology.

The Aito M5 comes with a fuel tank to extend the battery’s driving range, and costs slightly less than Tesla’s Model Y in China.

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Aito M5 Showcase
Aito Showcase

The Aito M5, the first electric car which will come integrated with Huawei’s Harmony OS system has started being delivered from last Saturday in Shanghai.

Last December, at a winter product launch, Huawei’s consumer business group CEO Richard Yu promoted the new Series Auto M5 for like an hour or so and stated the goods of the company’s new technology which will enhance the driving experience of the buyers while also emphasising that the company will work on the technology behind the car rather than making their own car.


Aito M5 Rear
AitoM5 Rear

The new Aito M5 which is similar to the Chinese startup Li Autos’s Li One that comes with a fuel tank which comes handy when it runs out of power. Aito M5 will cost 249,800 Yuan ($39,651) after subsidies.

While all companies are listed in the U.S stock exchange, they also offer shares in Hong Kong as well. Also Nio is all set to join the other two in Hong Kong with a listing on earlier that Thursday.

Range, Top Speed & 0-60 mph Performance

 Aito M5 Speeding
AitoM5 Speeding

Aito M5 will get the expected driving range of 290 miles which is pretty nice. This Huawei OS Aito M5 can go from 0-60 mph in just 4.0 Seconds and have a top speed of around 120 mph which is expected by experts not tested. This insane vehicle is going to compete with Tesla Model Y which can be far better then this Huawei OS car.


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