Aston Martin DB12 Volante Convertible Price, Engine, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph & Features

Aston Martin DB12 Volante Convertible Specifications and Details

Aston Martin takes the stage with the remarkable Aston Martin DB12 Volante Convertible, a pioneering open-top ‘super tourer’. As the most potent V8 convertible GT in Aston Martin’s lineup, the DB12 Volante impressively retains its coupe counterpart’s top speed of 325kph. Aston Martin has artfully reinforced the Volante’s chassis, enhancing torsional rigidity by 3.7 percent compared to the DB11. The DB12 Volante maintains the coup√©’s integrity while standing as a fierce contender against rivals.

Aston Martin DB12 Volante Convertible Design and Features

Aston Martin DB12 Volante Convertible Specifications and Details
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The Aston Martin DB12 Volante Convertible showcases its meticulous craftsmanship and modern features. With a roof that folds into a “class-leading” 260mm space, the Volante offers eight layers of sound insulation and a choice of four fabric colors. Its enhanced stiffness, 3.7 percent stiffer than the DB11, is achieved through an engine cross-brace and upgraded suspension mountings. A 10.25-inch touchscreen integrates wireless Apple CarPlay, wireless Android Auto, internet connectivity, and satellite navigation. The Volante’s interior exudes luxury through wood veneer or carbon-fiber panels matched with seatbacks and door trim inlays.

Aston Martin DB12 Volante Engine and Performance

Aston Martin DB12 Volante Convertible Specifications and Details
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The Aston Martin DB12 Volante has a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, generating an impressive 680hp and 800Nm of torque. Mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, specifically tailored for the model, and an electronic limited-slip rear differential, the DB12 Volante delivers its tremendous power to the rear wheels. This setup enables a brisk 0-100km/h acceleration time of 3.7 seconds, slightly slower than the coupe version, yet it maintains the coupe’s top speed of 325km/h. The DB12 Volante’s chassis enhancements include new-generation adaptive dampers with significantly increased force distribution bandwidth. A revamped steering column, four stability control modes, and four regular drive modes for an impeccable driving experience.


The 2024 Aston Martin DB12 is ready to steal the show as excitement for Monterey Car Week grows. The automobile is expected to grace the garages of eager, wealthy purchasers before the end of the year, so the enthusiasm won’t be restricted to the event. The exact price of the DB12 Volante is yet unknown, but based on its opulent heritage and unmatched performance, it’s reasonable to assume that it won’t be less than $250,000.

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