Aston Martin Valkyrie 2022 Price, Mileage, Features, Engine, Top Speed & 0-60 MPH


Aston Martin, the brand which is very corresponding with effluence and making some of the most iconic and fast cars in the world. And now after many such efforts and in the making, the brand has announced its own hypercar with the launch of the Aston Martin Valkyrie. The brands first ever entry in the performance hypercar war. A speed demon came from the future and made it just to rule the roads.

Aston Martin Valkyrie 2022
Aston Martin Valkyrie 2022

It’s breathtaking over the top bold looks just feels refreshing but way apart as to how Aston Martin is known for making its other cars, it does carry the name but not the design language nor the specs. But it’s extravagant and new to the company’s design statement which is not restrained. Powered by a hybrid powertrain, this Aston Martin Valkyrie can make upto 1160 horses at its peak capacity. It is a limited production supercar with only few of the models ever being produced. Thus will carry a hefty 7 figure price tag along with it.

What’s New In 2022 ?

This is an entirely new car which will join the rest of the cars which will come from the Aston Martin 2022 lineup. This hypercar is built from the joint partnership between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing, taking a huge leap forward in design, the Valkyrie takes its name from the ancient Norse mythology, as the spirits who marked the fates of men in the battlefield.

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Engine, Performance, Top Speed & 0-60 MPH

Aston Martin Valkyrie 2022
Aston Martin Valkyrie 2022

The new Aston Martin Valkyrie has got a hybrid powertrain with a naturally aspirated 6.5 Litre V12 engine coupled with an electric motor designed by Rimac and combined make 1160 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque paired with a seven speed automatic transmission which throws all that horses into the rear wheels directs power to the rear wheels and making the car go from standstill 0 to 62 mph in 2.6 seconds and has got the en estimated top speed more than 250 mph.

Aston Martin also has a track only version which is illegal on public roads, the Valkyrie AMR Pro version made entirely out of carbon fibre, seriously you wouldn’t find a single piece of steel in that car. It features the same V12 hybrid powertrain, but calibrated and tweaked to boost the maximum output. The ASMR Pro is also much lighter than the regular road legal cars you’d see. And Aston Martin claims that the car produces more down force than its own weight, thanks to its all streamlined aerodynamic body, which makes the flow of air upwards and more easier producing a downwards lift and more grip, making the car more sticked to the track.

Dimensions and weight

Aston Martin Valkyrie 2022
Aston Martin Valkyrie 2022

Just like the car is very new, the body dimensions of the car and the weight is yet to be disclosed by the company. You’ll be the first one to know whenever the specifics have been released during the official launch of the car.

Fuel Economy

The estimates of the Valkyrie haven’t yet been revealed. We are yet to be informed when the car sets foot on the ground and actual customers in 2022. Don’t expect much although this is a hypercar but it will suck out the fuel like a hungry baby.


The standard Valkyrie is street legal, meaning you can buy one of these and head towards your country roads and enjoy the absolute best of what the Aston Martin has to offer. But there’s also an AMR Pro variant which is built solely for the race tracks. Only 150 models of the standard Valkyrie will be produced and only 25 of the examples of the ASMR Pro version will be ever produced. The standard Valkyrie will cost around a staggering $3 Million and the more limited ASMR Pro version will cost around a whopping $3.5 Million and even if you got that much money, you won’t be able to buy the car because it has said that both of the models are already sold out. So try your best and we wish you good luck.

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Interior & Exterior

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