Bajaj Sunny To Launch Soon As An Electric Scooter

Baja Sunny Specifications and Details

Bajaj is reviving the iconic Bajaj Sunny scooter, but with a modern twist and new features – it will be an electric scooter. A camouflaged prototype of the electric Sunny was recently spotted testing in Pune, India. The design of the new Sunny retains the essence of the original, creating a nostalgic yet contemporary look. This move follows Bajaj’s successful reintroduction of the Chetak as an electric scooter. The electric Sunny is likely to hit the market by 2025, adding to Bajaj’s growing portfolio of electric two-wheelers.

Bajaj Sunny Design

Baja Sunny Design
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The upcoming Bajaj Sunny EV retains a remarkably faithful resemblance to its original design. The Sunny’s prototype closely mirrors the boxy design, circular headlamp, rectangular tail lamp, three-spoke wheels, like the original Sunny scooter. Notable differences include the absence of an exhaust pipe and the lack of a spare tire mounted on the floorboard. Instead, it appears to house a substantial battery pack, although this might be exclusive to early test models and may not make it to the production version.

Features and Performance

The Bajaj Sunny EV prototype showcased a hub-mounted motor attached to a box-type swingarm, supported by twin shock absorbers for suspension. The Sunny could have Drum brakes on both ends. While it’s too early to conclude whether the retro boxy styling will be retained in the production model, it is likely to be more evolved design overall. This may include LED lighting and circular side mirrors reminiscent of the original Sunny scooter. The vehicle exhibited brisk acceleration from traffic lights, reaching speeds of approximately 40-50 kph. Although the battery size remains unknown, it is likely to be smaller than the Chetak’s 2.9 kWh unit. There’s also the possibility that this Bajaj EV might feature a removable battery.

Price and Launch time

Judging by the development stage of the test mule, it’s unlikely that the production version of the Sunny EV will be ready before the end of next year or early 2025. The original Sunny was designed to cater to the masses as an affordable entry point to motorized two-wheelers. We anticipate the new electric scooter to make its global debut sometime next year. With a price expected to be below Rs. 1 lakh, it will likely feature a decent battery size suitable for city commuting.

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