Best Coupe Under $40K You Can Buy In 2023

When you need a vehicle with good space, five or four seats, insane aerodynamics and good mileage then you guys go for sedan but if you need something sporty then the best you can go for is a Coupe. Coupes are really sporty, impressive and high performance unit of sedan. They have two cabin doors and one boot with five or four seats depending on size. Just like Ford Mustang is a four seater coupe and Honda Civic is a Five. Both of The vehicle have three door setup two for cabin and one for back.

Brands make coupe more stylish and adds some modifications to give it more sports look and attractive as compare to sedan. So if you’re looking for a good performance sporty family car then you should go for coupe. These are some of the brand new best economical coupe under $40K you can buy in 2023.

06. Toyota GR86 – $31,595

Toyota GR86 Red With Black Tyres
Toyota GR86

Starting from the cheapest but most value for money coupe in world. The GR86 have mind blowing handling, good performance, tons of features and perfect at mileage. This beast is power by same engine as BRZ 2.4-liters H4. If you’re looking for a perfect average performance vehicle with good room inside then this coupe is the first option for you. GR86 gets a starting price tag of $31,595 which is a perfect deal for a coupe under $40K.

05. Subaru BRZ – $32,115

Subaru BRZ Blue
Subaru BRZ

BRZ is a perfect economical performance coupe with good handling and perfect mileage along with sporty looks. Subaru BRZ is power by 2.4-liters H4 engine. This beautiful four seater small coupe can be your perfect option if you want sporty feel with good mileage but lack of performance. Subaru BRZ gets a price tag of $32,115 which will go up with some extra features.

04. Dodge Challenger GT RWD – $35,440

Dodge Challenger Black
Dodge Challenger

After Japanese kids here we go with the huge American beast. Dodge Challenger comes in lots of variant in which this GT RWD is under $40K and its top end variant Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody gets price over $75K. This GT RWD is also a perfect daily drive coupe with perfect performance producing 3.6-liters V6 engine. You can buy this badass vehicle if you need a car with wild looks and good mileage. Challenger can give over 30 mpg on highway.

03. Chevrolet Camaro – $37,495

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Red
Chevrolet Camaro

American Muscles are famous for their huge muscular design and high performance motor under the hood. Just like challenger it has a huge hood having aggressively loud 6.2-liters Supercharge V8 engine which makes 420 horsepower and 460 Pound feet of torque. Chevrolet Camaro is insane at acceleration but sometime looses traction control which is a bit bad point in this vehicle other then that its a perfect American Muscle under $40K.

02. BMW 2-Series – $38,395

BMW 2 Series Coupe White
BMW 2 Series Coupe

What more you need in a coupe when its German engineered. One of the best and luxurious performance coupe is in the list is this BMW 2-Series. This beautiful BMW is power by 2.0-liters Turbocharge Inline four-cylinder rear wheel drive engine which makes an output of 187 horsepower which is pretty insane. This BMW is all performance focused and really nice to drive but there is very tight space in second row due to the shape of this vehicle.

01. Ford Mustang GT – $39,740

Ford Mustang Blue
Ford Mustang

One of the finest and most popular coupe from 1967 to till the date is the Ford Mustang GT. Mustang is power by 5.0-liters Naturally Aspirated V8 engine which built over 450 Horsepower. This beast comes with 10 speed Automatic transmission and more fun to drive six speed manual making it a perfect American Muscle. The Ford Mustang is the best and most expensive close to $40K coupe.

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