Best F1 Tracks All Over the World

Ever since the Formula One World Championship started back in the 1950s, a total of 69 circuits have had the privilege of hosting at least one grand prix over the years. When it comes to this sport, Spa-Francorchamps, Monza, and Silverstone proudly stand out amongst their kind. The best part? These circuits never lost their popularity. As a matter of fact, they continued to keep up with the change that has been taking place in the F1.

But if you have been wondering what could be the best F1 tracks across the world, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have curated and created a list of all the best Formula 1 tracks that are generally considered to be the best.

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1. Estoril, Portugal

Built in 1972, Autodromo do Estoril hosted its very first Portuguese Grand Prix in 1984. The prime reason for its popularity is definitely the Parabolic which is still considered to be one of the best in F1. The races that took place on this circuit, especially the one in 1996,  remains a memorable event till date.  

Although this circuit was quite great and it could still be hosting the races due to the mismanagement on the part of track owners, the 1997 race got canceled. However, the good thing is, that there is a possibility that Estoril could make a thrilling comeback. Recently, the track was awarded with FIA Grade 1 status. It can be said that it can now host the Portuguese Grand Prix again.

2. Monza, Italy

Since the establishment of F1 in 1950, the Italian Grand Prix continues to take place at Monza every season, except for when the refurbishment work shifted the race to Imola for a time being in 1980. Over the course of time, the overall layout of the track has improved significantly. As of now, it is considered to be the fastest F1 track with 70 percent of the lap spent at a complete throttle.

History is evident enough of its greatness. Take the example of the 2020 race, when Lewis Hamilton set the fastest lap in history. He secured the pole position at an average speed of 164.267mph.

3. Silverstone, Great Britain

When it comes to the best F1 tracks, it is hard to beat Silverstone, after all, it is the first-ever Formula 1 track. Silverstone has witnessed several changes over the years. As the sport continued to develop, so did the track. The last improvement was made back in 2010. These changes have been taking place to improve the safety of the tracks. But its incredible corners – Copse, Maggotts, Stowe, and Maggotts –  still stay the same

To this date, Silverstone is considered one of the fastest, and certainly the most popular Formula 1 track. So far, a total of 47 races have taken place on this track and some of them memorable in their own right.   

4. Circuit De Monaco, Monaco

Circuit De Monaco has hosted 61 races, and this says a lot about its popularity. Truth be told, it is the last old-street circuit in F1 and its roads were primarily designed for everyday traffic. But at the same time, the whole construction was done while keeping the sports factor in mind. Now, you can see that the circuit is no longer appropriate for the regular cars.

Although Circuit De Monaco is quite impressive, it still needs a few improvements, especially in regard to safety. The straights of the track are not long enough and thus, races might not be able to excite people as much as we want them to. But of course, it still has a character, which attracts fans all over the world.

5. Nurburgring, Germany

Let’s take it back to the old days, it was not quite unusual for races to be held on the public roads. But those circuits were dangerous, but definitely quite fast. During that time, Nurburgring’s Nordschleife stood tall.

What’s more, the track of Nordschleife ran more than 22 14 miles in length and it had 160 corners and featured jumps, banking, and blind crest. It continued to get more dangerous and although necessary changes were made, the challenges still increased, nonetheless.

This is why in 1984 a new circuit was introduced called Nurburgring GP-Strecke. It was built in order to meet the safety protocols and over the years, further changes and improvements have been made.

To Sum it All Up

Formula 1 racing has its own thrill and excitement but it all predominantly depends on the tracks. This article covers some of the best racing tracks in the world. The ones mentioned above are responsible for providing us with some of the most interesting and action-packed races over the years.

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