Jamie Dornan Car Collection & Net Worth

Car Collection of Actor Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan Car Collection is all about luxury and insane vehicles. James Peter Maxwell Dornan AKA Jamie Dornan is a 40 Years old Actor, Model and Musician from Northern Ireland. He gain huge popularity from Romantic movie series “Fifty Shades of Grey”. He is really amazing actor with over 3 Million Followers on Instagram. Dubbed “the Golden Torso” by The New York Times, he was ranked one of the “25 Biggest Male Models of All Time” by Vogue in 2015. Jamie Dornan estimated Net Worth is around $14 Million Dollars which is pretty nice. So let’s have a look at the car collection of Jamie Dornan.

Jamie Dornan Car Collection Price (USD)
Audi R8$198,900
Mercedes C63 AMG$78,900
Audi RS5$75,900
Cadillac CT6$97,490
Jaguar XF$67,900
BMW 7-Series$98,700
Audi Q3$43,900
Range Rover Vogue$125,600
Ford Explorer $41,900
Jamie Dornan Car Collection

1. Audi R8

Starting from the super amazing sports car in Jamie Dornan Car Collection. He also used this supercar in Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie. Audi R8 Spider is power by 5.2-liters Naturally Aspirated V10 engine, same as Lamborghini Huracan. Huracan and R8 share same engines. This is the finest and best looking supercar ever.

2. Mercedes C63 AMG

Another super amazing vehicle in Jamie Dornan Car Collection is this Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. C63 is power by 4.0-liters Bi-Turbo V8 engine which generates power above 500 Horsepower and 700 NM of Torque. AMG C-Class is one of the most powerful coupe ever made in this segment.

3. Audi RS5

Next super fast vehicle in Jamie Dornan Car Collection is this Audi RS5. RS5 is power by 2.9 Litre Twin-turbocharged V6 engine which makes a good 444 horsepower, paired with e precise eight speed automatic transmission and standard all wheel drive system for maximum traction and stability and can go from 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds with a top speed of 155 mph (electronically limited, could be extended to 174 mph with the sports package).

4. Cadillac CT6

The Cadillac CT6 is another beautiful and powerful sedan in Selena Gomez Garage. The Cadillac Ct6 comes with a powerful 3.0-liter Twin-Turbocharged V6 Engine under the hood. Which putting out 404-Horsepower and 400 Lb-ft of Torque. This much power is enough for a vehicle like this. The Cadillac CT6 gets a starting price of $97,490. This beast is the combination of Wild looks, Luxury and Performance at the same time.

5. Jaguar XF

XF comes with a 2.0 Litre turbocharged four cylinder which makes 246 hp with the base variant and 296 hp with the top spec variant. Both are paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission with rear or all wheel drive. And can hit 60 mph from standstill in 6.2 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 129 mph. And delivers a smooth ride with comfortable and effortless handling thanks to it’s good suspension and accurate steering which deliver an overall good driving experience with plenty of power delivery to show off on road.

6. BMW 7-Series

This is the finest luxury ever and most amazing vehicle in Jamie Dornan Car Collection. Base engine of 7-Series is power by a 3.0 Litre twin-turbocharge inline six cylinder engine which makes 335 horsepower with 331 lb ft of torque.

7. Audi Q3

Jamie Dornan Garage includes this compact SUV. Q3 is powered by a 2.0 Litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine that makes 184 or 228 horsepower depending on the model you get. Paired with an eight speed automatic transmission and Audi’s Quattro all wheel drive system as standard. And can go from 0-60 mph in 7.0 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 130 mph.

8. Range Rover Vogue

This is Jamie’s full size SUV. Range Rover Vogue is power by 5.0-liter Supercharge V8 engine which makes 450 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. This beautiful SUV is amazing at performance, luxury and off-road capability.

9. Ford Explorer

 The hybrid powertrain consists of 3.3-litre V6 engine with an electric motor makes 318 HP. Ford Explore is mated to 10-speed automatic transmission with rear-wheel as a standard all-wheel drivetrain is optional. It has the towing capacity of 5600 pounds. This amazing SUV can go from 0-60 mph in just 6.2 Seconds and have a top speed of 148 mph.

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