BMW Claims 30 Percent More Range With Its New Round Cells

With the ongoing electrification, almost every carmaker is putting all of their resource and money into developing new-age batteries. One such automaker is BMW which is busy with its next generation of cars and expected to electrify its lineup before 2030. Along with their new-age cars, the German carmaker is working on their new battery cell technology. Their Neue Klasse (New Class) platform and battery tech, the automaker has pushed the limits of innovation yet again. BMW’s next-generation batteries offer 30 percent more range with its new round cells.


BMW’s Neue Klasse platform, the company revealed their 6th-gen electric drive tech equipping the brand’s new batteries. The Bavarian has redesigned the cell format and chemistry of its new batteries with the new round cells designed for the Neue Klasse architecture. The new BMW round cells will replace the current prismatic cells the brand uses currently.


The new batteries will have a diameter of 45 mm and two different height options for different applications of use. The new cell chemistry includes more nickel content on the cathode, with reduced cobalt. The silicon content is increased on the anode side and the new chemistry results in a 20 percent high volume energy density. Neue Klasse’s 800-volt architecture will further optimize and increase the fast charging capabilities. BMW claims the new architecture will help in the charging time from 10-80 percent to just 30 minutes.


The Bavarian also claims 30 percent more range thanks to the new batteries with BMW’s top-spec models. Further, the new sixth-generation batteries will cost almost half compared to their current fifth-generation ones. BMW is to open new battery plants in both China and Europe to keep up with production with an annual capacity of 20 GWh. The US on the other hand has not mentioned any partnership with the brand to contest for a new battery plant.

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