2023 BMW XM What’s New, Price, Performance & Specification


With the flagship BMW X7, the company is all set to launch the performance focused which will sit above the already luxurious X7. The all new 2023 BMW XM, with the intentions to bring a new sporting objective that is in the DNA of the M division from BMW. The new BMW XM will sport a new aggressive razor sharp (literally) bold and futuristic design language with the new kidney shaped grille with huge openings with a hint of a fastback like sloping roofline body. The power comes from a plug-in hybrid solution with a twin-turbo V8 which combined will make an absolute crazy 750 horsepower, which is highest in any BMW car so far, so this new XM would be a spicy machine to get the interest in line and stick the eyes upon.

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What’s New In 2023 ?

This new 2023 XM will be a completely new model for the lineup coming from the BMW M division and is likely to hit production at the end of this year and will appear in the showrooms starting early 2023.

Engine, Top Speed, 0-60mph & Performance

The twin-turbo V8 powertrain isn’t new to the company’s suitcase. And the all new BMW XM will pack a plug-in hybrid powertrain with having a 4.4 Litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine which will make a crazy 750 horsepower combined with an electric motor and we think it’ll be coming an automatic transmission with a standard all wheel drive, because why wouldn’t it be, it’s the flagship super sports SUV from BMW.

BMW XM 2023
BMW XM 2023

And which helps it to rocket itself from 0-60 mph  in an estimating 3.0 seconds and could achieve a top speed of 190 mph. And we hope it delivers supreme power packed performance with even quicker acceleration than the X7 to be at the top spot below any SUV from the brand. Inside, it would be a mix of every lavish and feature rich cabin to meet the appetite of the style oriented people and to meet the brand’s approach to luxury and providing the best and comfortable experience to its buyers.

Range, Charging & Battery Life

It isn’t official about how much the battery size would be, but we think that the new XM would be able to deliver an electric only range of 30 miles in a single charge. We’ll update the list as soon as we find out the official specs of the car when it launches.

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Fuel Economy | Mileage

The brand also hasn’t listed anything about the fuel economy figures or any EPA rating, but considering the BMW X7 with it’s twin-turbo V8 manages to deliver an average of 15 mpg, the 2023 XM would also be delivering an average mileage of around 13-16 mpg.


Although BMW hasn’t shared any information about the pricing of the car but by speculating and thinking for a bit we think that this performance monster will carry a six figure price tag if compared to the top spec X7. So it will start at around $125,000 and will go only up from there depending upon the models which the company launches. And we’ll update the information as soon as we get the official spec list from the company.

Interior & Exterior


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