Brabus 900 Superblack Engine, Features, Body Kit, Top Speed & 0-60 mph



Brabus Tuned 900 Superblack is a black-on-black Mercedes-AMG G-Wagon. The famed tuner after working on the latest Porsche is now set to add a new product to its portfolio. The Geländewagen for the Brabus 900 Superblack is the third model of a monochrome devised series of signature models and succeeds the BRABUS 800 XLP SUPERWHITE.

What’s New?

Brabus Tuned 900 Superblack
Brabus Tuned 900 Superblack

Remaining at its peak in the tuning game for 45 years, and with the current generation Mercedes-AMG G63 they are back to their roots. With their ‘Black is the new Black‘ motto, the already powerful, highly equipped, and capable off-roader has undergone the Super black treatment. For the performance part, under the hood is subject to a 300+ hp increase and 200 Nm increase, which all adds up to 900 hp (as the name suggests) and a whopping 1054 Nm of torque. But sadly, a limited top speed of 174 mph.

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Brabus Tuned 900 Super black
Brabus Tuned 900 Superblack

The Brabus 900 Series engine is the most powerful engine in the Brabus lineup. The eight-cylinder engine boasts a displacement of 4.5L along with two new turbochargers. With this combination, a 0-62mph sprint is completed in just 3.7 seconds. Also, Brabus offers a three-year/62,000-mile warranty.

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Brabus Tuned 900 Superblack
Brabus Tuned 900 Superblack


The 900 SuperBlack sports a ton of black features; which is carbon fiber overload. Sporting the Brabus Widestar Kit, the model is now 10cm wider than the base giving it an aggressive stance. The body rides on giant 24-inch forged Monoblock Z ‘Platinum Edition’ ten spoke alloys10×24 front and 12×24 at the rear. Also, equipped with ride control aluminum coil over suspension which adjusts the ride height by 45mm. The Black Paint is an Exclusive Brabus Signature finish of Obsidian Black Metallic.

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Brabus Tuned 900 Superblack
Brabus Tuned 900 Superblack

For the exhaust, there are not only integrated flaps and valves for active sound management, the exhaust is choked in carbon, including the tailpipe trim and outer surround. Brabus has also fitted a Rocket Launch Ambience Light, within the exhaust, which they claim ‘provides the right acoustics‘. Other goodies include a roof add-on with LED lights and carbon fiber replacing all the metal trims, and all these words or I meant the car costs just under $550,000.


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