Bugatti “The Last Of Its Kind” Making Debut on 19 August


Undoubtably, Bugatti is one of the world’s best automobile companies. Their each car has some special characteristic. This was promised when the newly launched teaser by Bugatti is posted, which shows ” The Last Of Its Kind“. There is not much details shown but, its teaser video shows a sideways V-shaped taillight continuing to a horizontal lamp. We can expect that if we could see both taillights, the vehicle’s tail could be in X-shaped layout. The special model will be unveiled at The Quail, during Monterey Car Week at 17:20 Greenwich Mean Time, as mentioned by Chris Bruce of

After seeing the below mentioned video, it feels enigmatic and carries the message “unlock an icon. The video primarily shows the illuminated bars, which most probably will be the headlights of the vehicle.

Giving this car “the last of its kind” and “icon” titles, only adds up to more mystery because after viewing the teaser it doesn’t seem obvious that it is any matchup of previous models of Bugatti. This makes everyone wonder that company is trying to point towards something new, something different, by saying last of its kind. In a press conference, Mate Rimac (Bugatti CEO) stated that this will be Chiron successor and will be heavily electrified. So, it can be predicted that it might not have Bugatti’s famous W16 engine. Also this can be a full EV, without any hybrid assistance.

Bugatti Chiron W16 Engine
Chiron with W16 Engine – The Last of its Kind

Another new teaser was posted by Bugatti on their official twitter account, which shows glimpses of the design of the car and date of unveiling. This post titled as “Opening up new horizons“. By seeing this type of title, it can be assured that something new will be presented in front of the whole world.

There are also rumors that it could be the final Bugatti to ride on Chiron’s chassis and will be a limited-run convertible. Bugatti is currently busy in delivering their previous orders of Chiron family, both standard and Bolide models. All the units of Super Sport 300+ were already delivered whereas Centodieci customers also started receiving their cars too.

Chiron successor is reportedly scheduled to be unveiled for the public in 2024. Although, the design is already done, but Bugatti is showing the car to some potential buyers to receive some orders. Company claims that the model has never-seen-before features on a production vehicle. The automakers expects to receive positive responses from customers for this machine.

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