Chahatt Khanna Car Collection & Net Worth


Bollywood Actress Chahatt Khanna Car Collection

Chahatt Khanna, an Indian actress, rose to fame for her roles as Ayesha in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain and Nida in Qubool Hai. She started her career at 16, appearing in a Cadbury’s commercial in 2002 with Pradeep Sarkar. That same year, she made her television debut in Sachi Baat Sabhi Jag Jane. Her movie debut was in 7½ Phere, followed by a role in the thriller The Film, where she portrayed the challenges faced by aspiring film artists. In 2005, she appeared as Queen Mayra in a cameo in Hero Bhakti Hi Shakti Hai. With an estimated net worth of ₹15 Crore, let’s explore her car collection.

Chahatt Khanna Car CollectionPrice (USD)
MG Hector₹21,95,000
BMW X5 M Competition₹2,08,00,000
Audi A6₹70,41,000

MG Hector

Chahatt Khanna MG

The British SUV, owned by a Chinese company, is renowned for its elegant design and luxurious interior. It offers great value for its performance and technology compared to other vehicles in its class. The Hector boasts a striking design and a technologically advanced and upscale interior that prioritizes comfort. It’s available with both turbo petrol and diesel engine options, delivering up to 168 bhp. The price of the MG Hector in the market is around Rs.22 lakh.

BMW X5 M Competition

Chahatt Khanna BMW

The BMW X5 M is super powerful, with over 600 hp and a setup for fast driving on tracks. But you’ll probably see it cruising casually in mall parking lots more often. That’s because this fancy version of the mid-size BMW X5 can quickly switch from being a thrilling ride to a comfortable family car. While it may not look as bold as the sloped-back X6 M, it’s got plenty of space inside, and both models have really nice interiors with fancy materials and cool features. They both also have a strong twin-turbo V8 engine, a great automatic transmission, and a system that sends more power to the rear wheels. Made by BMW’s famous M division, the X5 M is seriously quick, well handling around corners, and stops defying the laws of Physics.

Audi A6

Chahatt Khanna Audi

The A6 is a classic Audi luxury sedan, boasting a tech-filled cabin crafted with premium materials. Models labelled as 45 feature a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with standard AWD and an eight-speed automatic transmission. For more power, the 55-series models sport a strong 335-hp turbocharged V6 engine. However, it’s not a sports sedan like some others. The A6’s handling is capable but doesn’t feel as sporty, offering a more relaxed ride compared to rivals like the Mercedes-AMG E53 or Maserati Ghibli. Instead, it’s better suited as a competitor to softer-riding mid-size cars like the BMW 5-series and Mercedes-Benz E-class.

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