Crab Walk System Revealed In New Patent By Hyundai

A new patent suggests Hyundai is developing its new Crab Walk system for its upcoming vehicles.


Hyundai has filed a patent at US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for an independent four-wheel steering system. Published on April 28, 2022, the patent is named “Method and System for Controlling In-Situ Rotation Mode of Four-Wheel Independent Steering Type Vehicle.” 

The system looks similar to the GMC Hummer EVs Crab Walk. It will enable the vehicle to move in different directions. It will allow the vehicle to move sideways without turning and can make U-turns in the same position. 

The patent application which consists of 21 pages, also talks about the actual working proportions of the system. It says about how the system functioning will take place along with the parts and the mechanics of the vehicle. Hyundai says its “In-Situ” system will allow the vehicle to make rotations and U-turns in any direction possible. The system will be useful in areas of tight sports and prone to more traffic. The steering system includes both perpendicular and parallel driving. It will aid the handling in both slow and speedy situations. 

Hyundai New Patent

The patent also says the drive modes will be controlled directly by an ECU. It could be turned on through a mechanism in the vehicle’s gear shifter. The system will also use the steering sensors to know in which direction to move the vehicle. 

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The patent isn’t the confirmation that enables the upcoming Hyundai cars will come included with it. There is a better chance that it won’t even get to production. But we think that it should hit production in the coming years. As the technology is moving forward, we think this tech would make the job much easier. 


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