Emelia Hartford Car Collection & Net Worth



People say a lot that social media changes your fortune. Heard many stories of that; proving one of them, Emelia Hartford, YouTube Creator by profession, Motorhead by passion. Though out of her a numerous cars, the list is just handful yet closest to her. Let’s take a look at the Emelia Hartford Car Collection.

Emelia Hartford Car CollectionLaunch Price (USD)
Toyota Prius$24,525
1979 Buick Regal$5,717
Emelia Hartford Car Collection

1. Toyota Prius

Don’t Get it wrong, this isn’t Emelia’s daily ride. Got it heavily tuned, now this regular Toyota, is just not regular anymore. Emelia said she had to switch from her Subaru, for not being the one she could rely upon.

2. 1979 Buick Regal

Hartford mentions how she had only done drift racing until she appeared on Netflix’s Fastest Car and finally fell for drag racing. And so, she bought her grandmother’s 1979 Buick Regal and turned it into a beasty drag car that’s missing its hood on purpose. This much power cannot be contained. Post this, come her modern buys, starting with the C8 Corvette, the one that was the most powerful for a while, a Ford Mustang she calls Trader, and finally the cherry on top, a Ferrari 458 Italia that is mostly stock — for now. It’s Hartford’s Ferrari, of course, and likely to become even more exciting than it already is.

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