Evolving Technology and the Mechanic’s Role

The technological advances in the motor industry are taking leaps and bounds and show no sign of slowing down. This raises interesting questions about the role of car technicians and how they will evolve in the face of cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Electric Vehicles

With nearly 250,000 EVs registered on UK roads in 2022, the future of the auto industry is decidedly electric and this could affect mechanic roles. With fewer parts to fix and less chance of breaking down, there are typically fewer reasons for auto repair with EVs than with traditional cars.

While these vehicles still need regular servicing and maintenance, not every mechanic can work on EVs. To adapt to this fast-advancing technology, workers in the industry need to learn new skills and fast.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Advanced diagnostic tools are sophisticated equipment and software that communicate with a vehicle’s electronic control units. These systems retrieve real-time data that help identify fault detection and monitor vehicle performance.

As these types of software develop, more training is needed to capably use the advanced diagnostic systems and repair complex technical issues.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are essential to road safety and have the potential to reduce vehicle accidents by 24% on UK roads. This includes anything from blind-spot warnings to automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.

ADAS is becoming mandatory in most vehicles so auto repair shops need to know how to calibrate them.

Adapting To New Realities

The automotive industry is rapidly developing and the only hope of keeping up is by adapting to these new realities. Technological advances have prompted major shifts in consumer expectations so auto workers need to keep the following in mind to keep up with this rapid rate of change:

Training and Education

Making sure workers in the industry are fully up to date with the most recent training and education means they’ll be able to provide new services and repairs. This is particularly important with how hybrid and electric vehicle technology is swiftly developing and means customers will not have to go elsewhere to receive auto repairs.

Investing in the future  

Investing in the right tools to protect staff and increase productivity means your automotive team can be sure of their responsibilities and covered in the case of an accident. Road risk insurance keeps you covered when driving a car that is not yours and is best suited to motor trades such as car repair and vehicle restoration services.

Also, investing in the very latest computer diagnostic equipment means you’re equipped to repair some of the most complex technology used in today’s vehicles. This means you can cover all forms of vehicle maintenance.

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