EVs Will Always Be More Expensive Than Petrol Cars: Honda Execs

EVs getting more popular than ever, and demand for electric vehicles is rising every day. Especially in Europe where diesel cars are almost dead, and petrol cars are taxed heavily. While in some cases, EVs may be cheaper than gas-powered cars, some cars cost almost double. In France, the BMW i4 M50 is cheaper than the M3 and the M4, the Porsche Taycan costs half as much as the Panamera. In Germany where the petrol cars are still cheap compared to the VW ID.3. Honda USA’s VP of Business and Sales, Dave Gardner stated that lithium-ion EVs will be more expensive than petrol cars.


Gardner said that the solid-state batteries will make the entry-level EVs cheaper than ICE-powered cars. He said that Honda’s upcoming Prologue crossover won’t be using solid-state batteries. Honda announced a $310 million investment and is committed to developing solid-state batteries, he added. The Chevrolet Trailblazer costs less than $7,000 cheaper than the Chevy Bolt EUV in the US.


The automaker’s first mass-produced, the E City electric car flopped on the market with just 3,752 units in Europe. Despite the projected sales of 10,000 units, the EV didn’t meet Honda’s expectations. The Honda E came with a futuristic design and urban road presence offering a range of 135 miles. Due to its high 35,000 Euro price tag, the EV drove a lot of criticism. Honda projects great sales figures with its upcoming Prologue electric crossover with a similar price tag as the CR-V.

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