Ferrari SF90 XX vs McLaren 765LT Comparison

Ferrari SF90 XX vs McLaren 765LT Detailed Comparison

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of performance, the Ferrari SF90 XX and McLaren 765LT are at the forefront. Ferrari’s SF90 XX takes its supercar legacy to new heights with a plug-in-hybrid powertrain, remarkable acceleration, and limited production. Meanwhile, McLaren’s 765LT prioritizes track performance with a powerful twin-turbo V-8 engine, lightweight design, and a no-frills interior. Both models epitomize the pursuit of speed and deliver an exhilarating driving experience.

Ferrari SF90 XX


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Ferrari has redesigned the aerodynamics of the SF90 XX and revealed notable improvements. It outperforms its predecessor by producing an astonishing 1168 pounds of downforce at high speeds thanks to a large rear wing and newly engineered aero components. The fixed wing and dynamic rear spoiler interact flawlessly, switching between low-drag and high-downforce configurations. Innovative air ducts allow cooler air to cool the V-8 engine while diverting hot air. With carbon fibre bucket seats and a sleek console decorated in gorgeous carbon fibre, weight reduction is prioritised inside.

Engine and Performance

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The SF90 XX’s powertrain is an update to the plug-in hybrid technology seen in the SF90. The twin-turbo V-8 engine has been tweaked by Ferrari’s experts. Acceleration is thrilling with a power increase to 786 horsepower and a total output of 1016 horsepower owing to the Extra Boost function. The eight-speed dual-clutch transmission in the SF90 XX uses Daytona SP3 shift logic, resulting in smooth gear changes and a sporty exhaust sound. Ferrari claims to have beaten the regular SF90’s remarkable record with a zero-to-62 mph pace of 2.3 seconds.


These limited-edition cars, of which there will only be 799 SF90 XX Stradale coupes and 599 SF90 XX Spiders made, have already been snatched up by interested purchasers. These expensive supercars have a price tag of around $844,000 for the coupe and $932,000 for the Spider.

McLaren 765LT


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Inside the McLaren 765LT, weight reduction takes precedence without compromising style. The cabin offers customizable options, combining luxurious materials and color choices. However, weight-saving measures such as lightweight seats and removed carpet enhance performance while sacrificing some refinement. An 8.0-inch touchscreen and optional sound system provide infotainment features, but those focused on minimizing weight can opt for their removal.

Engine and Performance

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Powering the McLaren 765LT is a potent twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 engine, fortified with Senna-derived components, generating an impressive 755 horsepower. The high-mounted exhaust ports emit an exhilarating symphony as the throttle is pushed harder, amplifying the driving experience. Acceleration is blistering, with an estimated 0-60 mph time of 2.4 seconds and a 0-100 mph time of 5.4 seconds. The 765LT’s track prowess and engaging feedback mirror the excellence of its 720S sibling, showcasing McLaren’s expertise in chassis tuning and driver engagement.


With a starting price of approximately $358,000 in the USA, the McLaren 765LT is a high-end performance machine that comes with a hefty price tag. Surpassing the cost of the 720S by over $50,000, the 765LT justifies its premium with a range of included expensive options. For instance, the standard carbon fiber pack, which adds over $7,000 to the 720S, comes as a standard feature on the 765LT. While the price may be out of reach for most, the 765LT offers exceptional value considering the additional features it offers compared to its sibling.


The Ferrari SF90 XX and McLaren 765LT represent two distinct approaches to extreme performance. The SF90 XX pushes the boundaries of hybrid power and track capability, offering a unique blend of power and technology. On the other hand, the 765LT focuses on lightweight precision and track-focused performance, delivering exhilarating speed and handling. While the SF90 XX’s limited availability and higher price make it an exclusive choice, the 765LT offers a more accessible entry into the world of high-performance supercars.

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