Futuristic Chevrolet Camaro RS Concept


Futuristic Chevrolet Camaro RS Concept by digital artist, Rostislav Prokop created this unique Bumblebee muscle car. This epic Bumblebee Chevrolet Camaro RS is nice and bright and stands out among every other Camaro RS in existence. The Bumblebee is a Transformers character, which gained its film back in 2018.

What’s New?

The front fascia looks great in this car, with a blacked-out grille surrounded by bright yellow paintwork, and the thin LED headlights to make it an ultra-aggressive looking car. An extra inlet for cooling is also in black surrounded by yellow, as the splitter is at the very bottom of the front fascia. The bulges on the hood are in black, with a middle portion in the futuristic Bumblebee yellow. Prokop is well known for adding awesome wheel designs to his renders. The car has bigger and chunkier black wheels, matching up very nicely with the yellow paintwork that adorns the Camaro.

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The rear end of the car sports a black rear lip spoiler, with the rest of the body all in yellow. The diffuser is almost hidden in its black color, while the exhaust surrounds are silver. This makes them stand out in the rear of the car. If Bumblebee was a car, this is exactly what he would look like.


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