GM Has Stopped Battery Replacements For Chevy Spark EV

GM has stopped battery replacements for the Chevy Spark EV


The Chevrolet Spark EV, launched in 2009 was the perfect cheap EV that the market wanted. It was sold under several GM brands. The Chevy Spark EV was sold from 2013 to 2017. Selling over 7,400 units at that time. The vehicles are getting quite old and may soon need replacement batteries in order to be functional. 

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GM is reportedly no longer offering new battery packs for the Spark EV. They don’t have any, nor will they be manufacturing anymore. With its 21.4 kWh capacity battery. Only 18.4 kWh is usable. The Spark EV was originally rated at 87 miles. After almost five years of ownership, the battery capacity has decreased. Despite the fact that the Spark EV has got a liquid cooling pack to control battery temperatures. 

Chevrolet Spark EV

In May 2014, GM cut off the Chinese battery manufacturer A123 as a supplier and began manufacturing the Spark EV’s battery in-house with the help of the new partner LG Chem. The new battery w had a 19 kWh capacity and was larger than the battery it replaced. It was on stock till April 7, when the parts became unavailable. GM has now officially confirmed that it has stopped offering the battery replacement of the Spark EV. Making its owners fall into a very tight spot. 

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