GM To Cut Hummer EV Production Due To Limited Battery Supply

The dreams of becoming the leading EV maker seem to fall short with GM cutting the production of the Hummer EV due to limited Ultium cells supply. To compensate for that, the American giant will focus on the upcoming Cadillac Lyric SUV. The company is facing supply shortages leading to difficult decisions despite the company’s great plans for the future. Similar to the chip shortage, when carmakers halted some of the models, the cell shortage is forcing GM to limit its production. The company is choosing the Cadillac Lyric instead of its monstrous electric pickup truck.


GM’s Ultium technology and EVs require Ultium Li-ion cells and drive units to function to build the Hummer EV that started producing in October last year. GM is certainly losing money on the Hummer EV production despite the price hikes. According to GM Authority, the GMC Hummer EV’s production rose to 400 units in May but slipped to 50 units in July 2022. The Cadillac Lyriq’s production started in March and is still coping hard to get the figures until July 2022.


GM will build more Cadillacs rather than Hummer EVs meaning the company makes more money selling the Cadillac Lyriqs. General Motors have begun the production of ultium cells at the factory in Warren, Ohio. So, making more Cadillac Lyriq rather than the GMC Hummer EV with a shortage of Ultium cells is interesting.

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