Here Are The 10 Best Cars With Highest Resale Value


We have all been aware of the supply chain shortage going on around the world for the past several months. It has affected any industry that is dependent upon semiconductor chips. The automobile industry is among one them and hasn’t come out completely. People are sticking to their cars over more time and buying only when they needed. Whereas most people are buying and selling their used car for a price that they wouldn’t get after some months. But The demands are seriously increasing in the used car market by up to 60% today. And if you are a lucky one to have these cars in your garage then you will get a crazy value out of it. Here are the 10 best cars that have the highest resale value in 2022

10. Toyota Tacoma

Via – Cnet

In a market of full-size pickup trucks, the Toyota Tacoma comes with a feel of a full-size truck while having great capabilities of real off-roading. You can get a new Tacoma for around $41,774 and still get around $28,011 after five years and retains over 82.58% of its original value. 

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9. Ford F-250 Super Duty

Via – Ford

Just like the Tacoma, the Ford F-250 Super Duty comes at a place where the buyers are left off with the full-size F-150. And that is why the F-250 Super Duty is able to retain almost 82.81% of its value where you can get it from $75,411 and still can sell five years after over $62,448

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8. Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is considered one of the most loved hybrid cars of all time. With an average fuel efficiency of a good 55.5 MPGe, the 134-hp four-cylinder hybrid engine, the Prius has a retained value of over 82.90%. You can buy one for around $32,992 and the car will be worth around $27,350 after five years. 

7. Volkswagen Jetta

Via -Topgear

The Volkswagen Jetta is an amazing sedan that comes with a powerful engine which is capable and reliable at the same time. It is more spacious and has a decent luxury interior with the latest technology inside. You can find a Jetta for over $26,752 in the market and it will be still worth over $22,274 after five years with a retained value of 83.26%.

6. Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro

With an iconic legacy and pure performance, the Chevrolet Camaro has always been people’s favourite muscle car. There is a rumour that these ICE-powered cars wouldn’t be made long enough, enthusiasts want the Chevy Camaro more than ever. This helps the latest Camaro, it can retain up to 83.47% of its value. If you buy one at $48,225, you could sell it at a good $40,253 after five years. 

5. GMC Canyon

Via- Cnet

GMC Canyon is what the Ford F-250 is to the F-150. An affordable pickup which remains worthy even after years you bought it. It comes with a capable engine with many options available. You could buy one at $45,975 and can still get around $38,412 after five years. 

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4. Honda Civic 

Via – Autoblog

The Honda Civic is one of those cars which you could never get tired of driving. It is one of the most persistent cars in terms of performance and reliability. Thanks to its wide recognition, the Civic still manages to retain 84% of its value after five years of buying. 

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3. Mazda 3

Via – Forbes

Mazda 3 is built for true driving pleasure and is able to manage the daily driving tasks while still delivering an absolutely brilliant performance. You can buy one for $28,903 and still get over $21,236 after five years. 

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2. Kia Rio 

Via – Autoexpress

With the rise of SUVs, many people have forgotten small cars entirely. But there is still a vast market of people who haven’t bought their first car yet. This comes from the good resale values of small cars. The Kia Rio is one of them. You could buy one at a price of $23,105 and can resell it at around $19,595 without any issues after five years. 

1. Porsche 911 

Via – Forbes

Apart from the sheer driving experience and mind-blowing performance, the Porsches are the dream cars for anyone. The 911 is among the most anticipated thrilling machines which blend power and style at the same time. To top it off, the Porsche 911 can get you the highest reselling value. You can buy one at a hefty $210,554 and it would easily resell at around $178,071 after five years which is just amazing. 


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