10 Cars That Still Comes With Old Classic Features

While new cars have changed remarkably from their old predecessors, some still carry their good old nostalgia with them. Here are the 10 cars that still come with the classic features. 


It has been more than a century since the first mass-production automobile. Today’s cars have come so far in terms of the design and technology we know today. There have been countless trends and numerous amounts of automotive engineering we have gone through. Each year we have a completely new style, improved technology and safety features in our cars. From the development of these many old cars had some features that are still running in today’s cars, some were not so great and some look pretty nostalgic. And we are to talk about the nostalgic features of those old days that our new cars remind us of today. Here are the 10 cars that carry those awesome cool features that were present in the classic old cars

10. Mini: Dual Tone Body & Rounded Headlights

Mini Cooper JCW

Think of a Mini Cooper and you’ll be able to picture a small hatchback with a distinctive dual-tone body with a coloured roof and big rounded headlights. For more than 40 years the British carmaker has steadily kept the good design and now offers even more customisations. 

9. Suzuki Jimny: Front Grille

Suzuki Jimny

From the original 1970s model to the current Jimny which is now in its fourth generation, Suzuki has improved a lot with its compact offroading car. While a lot has changed from the front to end, exterior and interior, the company has still kept the infamous front grille of the Jimney that they have trademarked. 

8. Fiat 124: Aligned Front Grille And Headlight

Fiat 124 Old and New

The Fiat 124 is a powerful sports car that can take your breath away while still keeping your pockets filled. Despite sharing somewhat key specifications from the Mazda MX-5 Miata, the 124 has a distinctive front look. Taking inspiration from the old 1960s Fiat model, the current generation carries a similar front grille and headlight aligned in the same line which adds more drama than the older model came with. 

7. Alpine A110: Front Nose Headlights 

Alpine A110 Old Vs New

Most F1 fans recognise this as a Formula One team, but no this isn’t the case we’re making. The original Alpine A110 was a result of having an affordable car that has the DNA of a track-focused racecar. And after so much success in rally championships, Alpine launched the new generation model in 2017. The new model had those similar features that the 1955 A110 came with. Apart from the lightweight body and track-focused driving, the new A110 managed to fit in the same front nose headlight which was the charm of the car back in the day. 

6. Jeep Wrangler: The 7 Bar Grille

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep is one of the most iconic car companies that played an important role during World War 2. When Ford had the company, the cars came with a 9-slot grille and since Ford had control over the copyrights, Jeep has to look out for a grille design that incorporated the iconic 7-bar grille that we know today. 

5. Mercedes G Wagon: Legendary Door Slam

Mercedes G Wagon

We all love good door slams right? Those bulky doors and slamming them just give another level of joy. The Mercedes Benz G Wagon is just the perfect car for you. The G Wagon carries the same boxy and bulkier design that hasn’t changed much in years but comes with an enormous performance and luxury inside. You won’t buy it because of that of course but if you buy one, there is a chance that you will love this till the day you have the car. 

4. Land Rover Defender: Rounded Headlights In Square Box

Land Rover Defender

One of the most highlighting features of the Land Rover Defender is its iconic square-shaped boxy cut-out that holds rounded headlights. Land Rover has been making it since 1948, but it wasn’t called the Defender until the 90s when the iconic off-roader came out. Since the company has been producing it till date. From the front fascia to the unreal offroading capabilities, the Land Rover Defender is an impeccable machine. 

3. Fiat 500: Rolling Cabrio Roof 

Fiat 500 Cabriolet

Fiat has always been very innovative at designing and making unique cars. Fiat 500 has always been one of the most loved cars of the Italians. For the 3rd generation of the all-electric 500, the company has recalled the retro Rolling Cabrio Roof that the first-gen model packed. It’s unique and still feels nostalgic whereas most top-down cars still feel boring. 

2. Range Rover: Wooden Interior

2023 Range Rover

Like most European cars, Land Rover cars have been considered one of the most beautiful interiors of any car. Where most carmakers fit in a basic cabin with only the needed utilities, they offer a much more finished interior with many customisation options and finishes. One of them is the wooden trim that they offer. With the latest 2023 Range Rover, JLR has once again set their standard for how a car should look and feel from the inside. 

1. Porsche 911 Sports Classic: Ducktail Spoiler 

Porsche 911 Ducktail Vs Old

Porsche is one of those companies that know how to honour their legacy and how to present the new generation of Porsche-designed cars with a feel of their retro cars. With the Porsche 911 Sports Classic, they paid tribute to the much-loved old Carrera 2.7 RS. Apart from the satisfying manual gearbox and retro paint, the 911 Sports Classic came with the iconic DuckTail rear spoiler which was present in the 2.7 RS. The 911 Sports Classic is indeed one of the most powerful cars in the lineup, but now it just looks cooler with its demeanour looks. 


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